Can You Spell ‘Extortion’?

Yesterday the United States crowned their National Spelling Bee champion. An offshore gambling website offered wagering on the competition. What?!!? You mean you can bet on 13 year olds spelling? What kind of gambling junkie is so desperate as to wager on a spelling bee? The more sinister thought is that where there is gambling there is organized crime. You can bet the mob is going to want a piece of this action.

Announcer: “We are down to our final two contestants, Simranjit Parmasarathny of Seattle, Washington and Vinny Scarpelli of Brooklyn, New York. Simranjit, here is your word: Ursprache.”
Simranjit: “Ummm….Y-o-u-r-s-p-r-a-k?”
I’m sorry, that’s incorrect. Vinny, if you can spell your word correctly you will win the 2006 Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee. Here is your word: Cat.
Vinny: “Uhh…K-A-T?”
Announcer: “I’m sorry Vinny that answer is..” (heavy handed tap on the shoulder by large burly man)”..That answer is correct! You are our new champion!”

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6 responses to “Can You Spell ‘Extortion’?

  1. How do I spell distortion?“W”

  2. You’re the second blog i’ve read about this spelling bee…i had no idea that this was even a tv show….or something that was on tv….that makes me giggle….i dont want to watch a bunch of kids spelling, and the disapproving looks from their parents when they fuck up….feeling like theyve let their entire family/city/country down?? At 8 years old?? no thanks…too much pressure.

  3. hey…isn’t that a “Quiz Show” thing?Oh no PHIL!! LOOK BEHIND YOU!!! IT’S AN AMISH!!!

  4. G-Man- If I knew the answer to that I’d be posing as a 13 year old in the spelling bee.Princess- Don’t worry, most of the U.S. finds it a ridiculous idea that a children’s spelling bee is on television.Tai- Aaaah! Amish?!!? Where? If I’m ever found murdered with a pitchfork sticking out of my head you know where to start the investigation.

  5. Fil,grate poste. I hav one meny speling beez ovr the yeers!

  6. The spelling bee made it big down under too! Why? Becuase our billionaire miners were on Good Morning America $$$$$ and the kid who one the spelling bee was the story beforehand!

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