It’s A Dogs Life

Arf, arf, arf, Ahem, excuse me. I just had to switch modes here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Robin. I’m a dog. More specifically, Phil’s dog. Or so he thinks. Phil is my human. I sit here almost every day watching him sitting at that damn computer typing what he thinks is funny. I’ve sat here watching so long that I’ve figured out how to read and more importantly, how to operate the computer. I figured out how to operate the computer a long time ago, it’s getting the passwords that was tough. The damn fool doesn’t even scan for spyware. Can you believe that?

Today is the day. I finally got the balls to do this. Ok, I don’t really have the balls. Phil had the vet remove those two years ago. Alright, that’s a lie. I’m a girl dog. I’m sorry, that joke was beneath me. That took no creativity at all. I guess I’ve been watching Phil too long. Phil. Damn, I’m sick of his shit. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good guy. He takes good care of me, but if he asks me to hold a biscuit on top of my nose in front of company one more time I swear I’m going to bite him. And can you believe this? The asshole cancelled HBO two weeks before the Sopranos season finale! And what is the fucking deal with kibble? I hate kibble and Phil acts as if he’s giving me filet mignon on a silver platter every night. I wonder how Phil would feel if he was stuck eating bologna sandwiches every meal for the rest of his life? At least he hasn’t figured out that I can get into the fridge. Oh well, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

Damn! I’m doing pretty good with this. Thank god for spell check though. Phil isn’t that smart. I can do this! I wonder if there are any more dog bloggers out there? Would that make us doggers? Oops! Hey, gotta go. Duke, the Great Dane, from down the street is outside. I may be a dog, but don’t kid yourself ladies, size does matter.

18 responses to “It’s A Dogs Life

  1. That’s so cute!

  2. Well put, Robin. Those humans… the Sopranos? …the kibble? The audacity! Forget typing, you should destroy that damn keyboard with drool.

  3. That was a cute post!

  4. Bout time Robin! We’ve been wondering when you’d get the nerve to join us g/f. Just watch out for them sneeky humans, just when you have all the passwords down, they go and change um on us! (Personally I think they just forget their own passwords and have to make up new ones.”whoof!Princess

  5. is that your puppy for real?? so tiny!!!! My dog weighs 85 pounds.

  6. Hey Robin, you should blog more often! (nothing against your master, of course) 🙂

  7. kibble is a funny word. you have kids, right? this post reminds me of one of my kids’ favorite books..Martha Speaks.

  8. Hey Dog, you are so slow! I’m a cat named Lilly and have been using the computer for six years! The stupid new cat here thinks he is smart but all he can do is print out blank pages on the printer/copier. Good luck with your human. Mine’s fun and gives me great belly rubs. I logged in with her password – I’ve watched her type it a million times.Lilly the cat

  9. Thanks Phil for the laughs and for taking my mind off my worries for a Luv this entry 🙂

  10. bow WOW!(hey, do you wanna come over and bite a guy named Brad for me?)

  11. dogs rule…cat’s drool or is it cat’s rule dogs drool….??who care’s bottom line is pet’s rule owners drool…loved the post.(found you through attila the mom’s page.)quinn proud “parent” to both dog and cat.

  12. What a cute dog.Your gonna be removing hair from your chair for years to come.

  13. if I only knew what my two dogs and one cat would say, could say if we were so lucky to have talking animals..I like your post, I found it different and cute, being a dog lover and your back though..he’s about to take over your place as the head of the table too…and when it’s you wearing the you really have a problem…( just knawing your bone a little)…

  14. oh and before I forget,this one’S for Robin..I have a boy dog so if you wanna come and say my guest..his name is rocky I’ll leave you a picture of him…

  15. I guess it is ok that you can get into the fridge. Just be sure to close it when you get what you want.

  16. Yay, a dog blog .. plenty of cat blogs, time for a dog blog. Great post.Take care, Meow (or should I rename myself Woof, so you don’t chase me !!)

  17. Cute! Let Robin write more, always wanted to see the dog’s eye view of the world…well…not really…but is seemed appropo somehow.

  18. aha!ha!ha!ha!ha!…I thought my dowgie was the only one of its kind who could bloggy’ type….and yeah….me dowgie is a poodle he….

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