Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Pepper Too?

“Be a Pepper, Drink Dr. Pepper!”

I’d like to drink Dr. Pepper and that’s where you come in. I have a quandary and in the spirit of reality shows like American Idol and Big Brother, it will be your votes that decide my fate. I will abide by whatever outcome is decided by your votes in the comments. I will tally the votes at 9 a.m. Wednesday and will then proceed and report back to you.

I work in an office that is shared by about a dozen people (for my Canadian and Australian friends, I don’t know what the metric equivalent of a dozen is, so just bear with me). Like most workplaces of this type we have a little room that serves as a staff kitchen with a sink, microwave and refrigerator. Inside this refrigerator, among the half-eaten leftover Chinese food and the Tupperware containers which appear to hold entire miniature alien cultures, is a single can. A can of Dr. Pepper. Like a wounded soldier, this lonely little can is lying on it’s side in the back, right corner of the top shelf. It has been laying there for at least two months. I’m fairly certain it’s not mine. Am I free to drink it without any qualms of conscience?

33 responses to “Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Pepper Too?

  1. Hi, firstly a dozen is still a dozen even in Canada lol..AT my work we have what sounds like a lunch room similar to yours.However, the difference here is it is clearly marked on ours that the contents are monitored and anything found to be lingering there after 1 week will be tossed/disposed of….( I suppose in some cases if it were a can drink probably confiscated and enjoyed by someone else.That said.. the can has clearly been abandoned and for the sake of what would likely cost in canada 1.25 from a vending machine or maybe .50 in bulk… I think it is safe to say if you really waaaaaaaant it…take it ..the worse that can happen ( and I doubt it) is the owner will want it replaced and I think you can manage 1.25( personally I wouldn’t want it firstly as it is a dr. pepper..ewwwwwwwwwwwww give me a pepsi anyday….secondly if you do rinse the can under running water and give it a good wipe before taking a sip..its been in there a long time exposed to all kinds of yuckies from a fridge that is from what you say full of yucky old leftovers etc.interesting to see how others view this. have a good day

  2. Do the Dr. Phil. (I couldn’t resist).

  3. Hmm… has anyone left the company since the appearance of said can? I’m not sure that 2 months constitutes can abandonment otherwise. My head says don’t be the office soda stealer but my mouth says Dr. Pepper mmmm! I’d probably take it if I were really thirsty and there was no vending machine in a 200-square foot radius.

  4. Loser. its a dozen here.I’m allergic to the red dye thats in dr. pepper…so dont drink it. I cant drink any of those types of pop…if I have to suffer, I dont think that anyone should drink them.I’m ESPECIALLY allergice to the Dr. pepper cherry vanilla one. Oh GOD…that would put me in the hospital.

  5. If it isn’t yours you should not drink it. However, you could post a note on the refrigerator saying that you are interested in the status of the DP that appears to have been abandoned. You could ask that the owner either show some love to the DP or that they should realize, in due time, the DP will reside in your belly.

  6. Where I work if anything is left in the fridge on Friday afternoon it is tossed out. I have to stick with my buddy Quinn and say give me a Pepsi.

  7. First, Dr. Pepper is naste.Second, if you really want to taste this naste beverage, do it. If who ever brought it really wanted that Dr. Pepper, they would have drank it by now.Third, Dr. Pepper is naste.

  8. Firstly, I would probably NOT drink the Dr. Pepper.But, since this is you, I say drink the pop and see if anyone notices it is missing.

  9. As a former Dallasite (Texas, that is)- I still have an affinity for Dr. Pepper. However, if said can has been left unattended for 2 months and noone has touched it- It might be a bit supsect. I say don’t touch it… just lookin’ out for ya!~Fab : )

  10. i say do the pepper and replace it with a can of v-8.hey, maybe it’s one of those secret money hiding cans that you shake and it sounds like liquid…but then you screw off the bottom and it’s a mini safe deposit box. shake it real hard to make sure before you open it.

  11. firstly, why is everyone saying “firstly’?i mean, i know it’s a word, but it sounds stupid.and nasty is spelled with a Y not an E.i must need food, if i’m getting this snotty on someone else’s blog. sorry.

  12. I say drink it up! Then put the empty can back in the fridge, same position, and watch it sit there for another couple months.

  13. just drink the damn thing.Remember the guy that did that commercial? I met him on a train once from Oregon to CA in the 80’s. Nice guy, we had a nice time.

  14. uh…one dozen americans barely add up to 3 smart canadians. 🙂ANYWAY, hurrying on before I get the beat down…you must ask yourself, “Do I even LIKE Dr. Pepper or do I simply feel drawn to it because it has Dr. in the title?”Only then, grasshopper, can you find the answer that lies in your heart.

  15. Two months?? that is totally kosher

  16. i think the ick factor due to living in that fridge would prevent me from touching it.<>now, if it were a cherry coke, i might re-think my stance.<>

  17. It’s all yours. Well, not really, but live on the edge. Go for it!

  18. You have but one life to live, don’t throw it away by ingesting a poison like Dr.Pepper, whether it’s been languishing in the fridge for two months or come right fron the, what, factory? brewery? poison center? Don’t do it!

  19. two months you say..eeeewwwwww..i don’t think so..get rid of it..besides Dr.PEPPER tastes like two week old tea bags..YUK..I personally like good old Mountain Dew myself…good luck to you..

  20. Take it out of the fridge, then send an office-wide email saying the owner has one hour to claim it from you. If after an hour there is no claim made, it’s yours. Drink it, bathe in it, shampoo your hair with it, drop it off the 5th floor balcony, pour it into that fax that never works, whatever. Put it on the counter in the men’s room and see if it can beat its 2-month record! Have some fun!

  21. I think it is great that your blog seems to be getting more attention as of late, but I really hope you don’t stop commenting back. I always check back in for your quick witted responses…LOVE IT…keep up the good work.Oh, BTW, I am a Dr. Pepper drinker myself, so I feel your pain…LOL

  22. OMG, i can’t believe you drink that vile stuff! You know, it lasted 3 months here, no bugger was buying it so as far as i know, you can’t buy it anywhere!

  23. In our office anything left unclaimed in the fridge is the same as any dirty dishes left in the sink. After a week they belong to anybody.If the can has not been opened it’s probably okay to drink, so I would say it’s fair game.Let us know how you make out.

  24. Why is this so complicated? If there are only 12 people, JUST ASK THEM. But ask them shrewdly, like this, “Is that one of my Dr. Pepper’s that I forgot about or is it yours?” By starting the sentence that way, their brain will assume that it is yours.

  25. If it ain’t yours don’t drink it.If you decide to drink it, don’t complain when it tastes bad.And finally Dr Peppers? We don’t get that here in NZ. This is probably for the best 🙂

  26. Firstly, I’d like to say to all the Canadian’s, I know there is no metric equivalent to “a dozen.” That was a joke. You may not have noticed, but I make jokes here sometimes.Secondly- To everyone, yes, I like Dr. Pepper. Yesterday I bought one and drank it with my lunch just so everyone would see me with it in the event that I do take the abandoned one they won’t assume it’s the missing one from the fridge.Kim- Yes, I will continue to comment back. Last post I was gone all weekend and this one I didn’t want to say anything in my comments that will influence the voting because I truly plan to abide by what everyone here says.

  27. here via michelle; like you, i like dp, but if it has been sitting in the cooler THAT long, i say open it, dump the contents and get the refund deposit. (it’s the scottish in me, squeeze every penny). in canada, we seem to pay 10cent dep, and only get 5cent back on refund, but drinking lots of colas, they soon add up. have a good day.

  28. wouldn’t it be funny if those 12 canadians put that dr. pepper in the fridge to see how long it would take you to steal it?

  29. I want to hear what happens when you open it. I think here in Canada a dozen is 47.9 kilopascals (or is it 19.3 tonnes?), but I never could master metric, so gave up years ago.

  30. Not a fan of Dr. Pepper but I say DRINK IT – DRINK IT!!!!

  31. Yes. Better yet, drink it, and then put the empty can back in the exact same place.Who’s to say it hasn’t been empty all this time?

  32. By no means should one EVER drink another man’s Dr. Pepper. Perhaps in the past 2 months that person has not found the proper moment to cherish the soft drink.Of course, if you despise %95 of the people you work with like I do, drinkerup!

  33. I’m with Michelle … eeewww. It didn’t sell well here, and I doubt you can buy it anywhere. Yuck.

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