Denizens of Blogworld you have spent the last 48 hours voting to decide the fate of a single, apparently abandoned, aged can of Dr. Pepper residing in my work fridge. I noticed that almost all of you were unable to give a straight yes or no. Most of you hedged your answers or gave qualifiers. Here are the results:

Drink the Dr. Pepper: 14 votes
Don’t Drink It:: 4 votes
It’s Too Old To Drink: 2 votes
Rambled Without Saying Anything Decisive: 2 people

As I said, I will abide by the votes here, but I will take the advice a few of you gave and notify the office to ask if there is anyone who suspects it’s theirs before I do away with the little feller. I’ll send out a group e-mail. They’ll find that very entertaining. To those of you who thought it is too old to drink, I say pish posh. I don’t think soda expires or goes bad. I worked in a Pepsi bottling plant every summer during college. We also made Dr. Pepper there. We were allowed to take home 2 cases of soda per week. I drank half during the summer and saved the other 12 cases to take to college to drink throughout the year. I know for a fact that Dr. Pepper is good for a lot longer than 2 months even if it’s not refrigerated. The polls are closed. Thank you for your participation.

29 responses to “THE VOTES ARE IN!

  1. I used to love the Pepper. I am now mostly a Diet Mountain Dew gal…but that’s only when I drink soda…and that’s not that often now.-N

  2. Just be careful. I guess you know that Dr. Pepper is so misunderstood. 🙂

  3. Yay for the Pepper! Enjoy it.

  4. phew…glad that is over..deciding the fate of a can of pop was highly stressfull……hahahahahahahahahahave a good day phil…next>?????

  5. I’m pretty sure I was a “rambled without saying anything decisive” … but in my defense, I’m trained as an attorney. That’s just how we roll.

  6. Phil can you post that email you will send out and the

  7. Oh man, I’m going to have to back track for a post or two, I’m not ‘up’ on the Dr. Pepper scandal? – Although, I should offer up my very best sarcastic thanks – cos now I can’t stop singing – “I’m a Pepper, You’re a Pepper, Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper too… Be a Pepper, Drink Dr. Pepper… (sorry if the singing dulicates any clever comment/post)

  8. Yuck…dont do it phil….

  9. I don’t think it’s “too old” just possibly spiked. : ) Drink at your own risk! : )~ Don’t expect us to show up at your funeral if you keel over. (Just kidding, of course I’d at least send a lovely floral wreath- How do you feel about Horseshoe shaped wreaths?) Good luck! ~Fab : )~

  10. I have a confession..when i was younger…like i mean really, really, younger i drank it…annnnndddddd wasn’T that bad i guess…

  11. only send out that office email if you are willing to follow it up with other inquiries…“does that packet of KFC honey-syrup belong to anyone? if not, i’m drinking it”“and what about that ketchup?”“i found a paperclip on the floor. anyone missing one?”“there’s a box of donuts in the conference room. may i have one?”“anyone want the last bit of H2O in the watercooler? if not, i’m really thirsty. mind if i finish it off?”

  12. *sighs* Phil, Phil, Phil *sighs*

  13. I say totally drink the damn thing. If they left it in there that long it’s their loss. Besides…Dr. Pepper is my favorite.

  14. Nat- as one who teaches ethics (I think) I would have been interested in your thoughts before I drank it.Gary- I drank it about 10 hours ago and I’m still here.Sherbears- After two months or more refrigerated you can bet it was nice and frosty.34Quinn- Next? Next what? post? Beverage? Opportunity to vote?Jmai- At least I didn’t have to pay a retainer for your rambling this time.Heidi- I didn’t ask by e-mail. I just announced it in the office when a few people were around. No one objected, so I drank it.Amy- I’m hurt that you haven’t read every single word I’ve ever posted. I want you to go back and read the. I expect a report on my desk in the morning.Princess- As a Canadian your opinion doesn’t convert into American currency. I’m sorry.Fab- As yyou can see, I survived, but there was a rumor that it may belong to a very big, angry women, so you might just get your chance to send flowers yet. And yes, the horseshoe is fine.Fancy- Dr. Pepper is one of the top 3 best soda pops of all time.McKay- Now that’s a good idea. I think I will do that. Eventually people will just start leaving food there just to see if I’ll eat it. I’ll never have to pay for lunch again!Michelle- as an optimist I can only interpret that as a sigh of approval.Linny- Thank you! Finally someone else with good taste!

  15. God bless democracy. I love this country.

  16. Hopefully no need for the Horshoe quite yet! Congratulations on your immunity to the suspect DP, Superman! Or should I call you Super-Phil?? Can you leap tall buildings too?~Fab : )~

  17. G-Man- Apparently voting for me to commit a criminal act somehow legitimizes it.Fab- SuperPhil will be fine. No hyphen. And yes, buildings are no problem for me.

  18. Topic of discussion….come visit me again soon.

  19. Hey phil, I just wanted to say thanks for popping over and I just wrote you a book in response to your comment. I hope it helps.

  20. Oh, Phil.Say it isn’t so.Say it isn’t so!!

  21. Just don’t mix it with Mentos.

  22. hahahahah fat pants did you see that too…putting the mentos into coke etc.. and the huge eruptions!!!too cool..It really does work too.!!!

  23. Last night I went to throw away a Dr. Pepper 2 liter container away.My significant other, grabbing it before I could toss, poured Captain into it, and proceeded to drink the whole thing.Apparently a little alcohol solves any decision.

  24. Hi Phil,I’d venture to say that Dr. Pepper has more preservatives in it than embalmed corpse. I think cans explode when they’ve finally reached their limit, so you’ve PROBABLY got nothing to worry about. But it’s going to taste flat and blah. Why take a chance? I’ll send you a new can of that acid rot junk so you can throw the old one out!

  25. Just thought I would drop by to tell you I just finished off my large vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic…yummy…sure was delicious.

  26. Berly- It is so!Fat Pants- You also souldn’t drink it with Pop Rocks either.Sipwine- Your significant other had a good idea, but I don’t think I could do that at work. Incidentally, if I’m not swilling stolen Pepper I am indeed sipping wine.Miss Litzi- It wasn’t flat at all and boy was it crisp and cold!Kim- I’m glad you enjoyed your Pepper as much as I did mine. oh, that’s right, it wasn’t mine.

  27. ummm..can i just have it instead??

  28. Lux- It’s too late. I ran right to work and drank it as soon as the votes were tallied. I’ll save the next one for you.

  29. I’m DYING to know… did anyone claim it? Did you send an interoffice email? Did people respond? Did you drink it? Was it tasty? Was it worth it?

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