The Phil Factor: Brought To You By The Makers of Levitra!

I’m a sports fan. It used to be that sporting events were just sporting events that took place in ordinary stadiums named after a dead guy or the city they’re in. Thanks to the advent of corporate sponsorship, the names of sporting events or venues that are decades old have suddenly turned into events or places we no longer recognize. As annoying as it is to those of us who enjoy the history and tradition of the sports we love, sometimes the comedy Gods smile on us by providing the perfect pairing of event and corporate sponsor. I believe such an event took place last month.

The Cialis Western Open is a professional golf tournament that occurred a few weeks ago. When Buick or Cadillac sponsors a golf tournament each player gets the use of a company car for the week. What do they get when an erectile dysfunction medication sponsors the tournament? Maybe Cialis has a car shaped like a penis. The Oscar Mayer hot dog company has the wiener-mobile, why not Cialis? I didn’t watch the tournament, but I would have loved to have been one of the commentators.

Commentator 1: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen and welcome to our coverage of the Cialis Western Open. I’ll be your host and alongside me is our color commentator Phil Factor. Phil, could you give us a quick run-down on the challenges this course could present for the players?

Phil: I would love to. First off, the Cialis is a much harder course than some of the older players are used to. It starts right off the bat as you’re playing into a stiff wind going into the first hole. The greens are tricky and the players will have to be good with their putter if they want to get it in the hole with a minimum number of strokes.

Obviously I could and would go on and on, but you get the idea.

20 responses to “The Phil Factor: Brought To You By The Makers of Levitra!

  1. i wonder how well the grasses mowed…the bushes were pruned…the paths maintained….

  2. oh, and which part of the course was more difficult… the front or back holes?i mean nines….

  3. QG- LMAO! A girl with my sense of humor! I love it!

  4. when did this site turn into a porn site?! LMAO!!!

  5. g-man – i aim to please… er, well, since i’m a girl, you actually need to do the aiming…

  6. I’ll do all the aiming! LOL

  7. Dont’cha hate it when the commenters are funnier than you!

  8. G-Man- Porn site? I wish!Michelle- I wouldn’t know because it hasn’t happened yet.BTW, my word verification is “funks”

  9. ….Question girl stole my comment….And it’s TOO early in the morning to be more creative than I have to.I’m sorry, but this post, I pass on commenting anything worthwhile.

  10. Just dropped by to say g’day, so g’day. Sorry I haven’t been by lately.Hope you are well.Take care, Meow

  11. A very funny post! thanks for the early morning laugh.

  12. g-man – how well can you hit a moving target?!?!?

  13. Gives, “It’s a hole in one” a whole new meaning.

  14. I knew it…I knew that those orange shoes would come in handy sometime…mmmmm who’d a known, you do know that I play golf and that I love to play….and the next time I do oh,oh,,,I think that I’ll be thinking of this one…who knows maybe a secret laugh by yourself can be great for the moral…thanks Phil…to my next niner….

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  16. ooohhh – i just thought of another one!!!i hope no one loses hold of their shaft when hitting their balls…..i have to say phil, i never was that interested in golf…..until now <>wiggling eyebrows<>*LMAO* my word verification is bigdrvs (aka big drivers!!!! LOL)

  17. Question Girl- You enjoyed this one way too much, but I like how you think.

  18. i know, i need to get out more…. and get some….until then, you are all subject to my perverse mind

  19. Bahahaha! I used to crack up at the Enzyte commercial where they were talking about hard and soft woods.Hubby was shocked.

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