The Sixth Sense of Humor

As I told you in The Golden Boy Chronicles over the past few weeks, the town near my summer cottage is a very small, rural town. So small it doesn’t even have a single traffic light. So rural that it is not unusual to run into Amish folks now and then. As is the case with most of us, I am fascinated with the Amish because their lifestyle is so different from my own. My kids however do not share my fascination. They’re at an age where the Amish make them uneasy because of their differences. Based on my kids’ behavior, I’m pretty sure the peace-loving Amish feel the same way about them.

A few weeks ago we were driving through the town when we noticed a July 4th Arts and Crafts Festival going on in front of the high school. As usual, there were a few booths run by Amish families selling homemade crafts and goods. My 11 year old son commented on his discomfort around the Amish and then, in a small whisper from the back seat I hear, “I see Amish people.” It was my 8 year old. I could not have been more proud of him and of myself at that moment.

6 responses to “The Sixth Sense of Humor

  1. Aww. So cute 🙂

  2. That reminds me of a shirt that I’ve seen that says “I see stupid people.” I could wear that on a daily basis!

  3. Did you see? Jenya found you some porn!!!!Oh you yanks….passing on the BEST traits to your kids. Love it.*see, i imagine that your comment will be “What does sarcasm have to do with being a bloody yank?” Well, nothing. I just felt like calling you a yank.

  4. dzeni- Yes, he is cute. He takes after me.G-man- As I searched for the picture I used in the post I found the same pic with the word bubble imposed saying “I see stupid people.”Michelle- I still LOL thinking about it. I thought it was very clever of an 8 year old to spontaneously use satire.Princess- I don’t need Jenya’s help to find porn. I just go to your blog. And yes, sarcasm is the highest form of humor. It’s too bad that the exchange rate for it in Canada is so bad that you Canucks don’t get it.

  5. Ha! Give that one a mic and a stage. -N

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