Lance Bass Is Gay?

What?!!? No way! I did not see this coming! An N’Sync member gay? Gosh, Lance seemed so manly when he was dancing in unison with the other guys. He was a choreographers dream! Also I just put this here so that I’ll get like a zillion page hits from Google searches. Admit it, you wish you thought of it first. If a few of them read further to enjoy The Phil Factor then my ridiculous little ploy worked. If I’m lucky I may even get some hate mail.

22 responses to “Lance Bass Is Gay?

  1. Yeah..what a shock. Just like when KD Lang came out of the closet, that really rocked my world. Or Rosie O’Donald. Or Melissa Etheridge. Who’s next, Liberace? Ricky Martin? Riiiiiiiight.If you’ve noticed by the frequency of my comments lately, I’ve become a Phil Factor junkie. If I wasn’t on MySpace so much (or actually working for a living), I’d probably comment more.Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that….

  2. i’m mildly ashamed to admit that my first reaction <>was<> shock. i don’t know if it was ’cause he admitted it, or ’cause his name hasn’t been mentioned in 23 years or what. but i was.

  3. who cares? still, your ploy is genius. you are my hero. 🙂

  4. I can’t believe you are insinuating that Lance is gay. I HATE you.just kidding you’re my hero.Kater Bannix

  5. This broke my heart! I was listening to their first CD yesterday too. :o(

  6. but..but..who is he?!?(besides ‘gay’, of course)

  7. Brilliant ploy. Of course if Lance sues you for libel, you can always argue that it’s not defamation if it’s the truth.

  8. *sigh*, what a waste 🙁

  9. people are seriously surprised here??? i mean, seriously – the band has an APOSTROPHY in their name!!!!

  10. G-Man- Thanks G-Man. I always wanted my own groupie, I was just hoping for someone with a lot more estrogen.Say Rah!- I had no opinion one way or the other. It was just that everytime I turned on my computer yesterday there was his face with the headline, so I decided to use it to pull a few extra page hits.Chloe- Thank you my dear. Glad to be of assistance anytime.Kater- I wasn’t insinuating it. Apparently it’s all he’s been talking about to anyone that will listen.

  11. Linny- Too funny! You can’t be serious?Tai- I commend your lack of knowledge on this subject. I only wish I was so fortunate. Jmai- I keep trying, but no one seems to want to sue me no matter what I say here. There’s no such thing as bad publicity.Michelle- All of N’Sync was a waste if you ask me.QG- Good one.

  12. uh..i thought they were all gay. this is news? lol…does anyone still listen to N’Sync?

  13. ROTFL @ CC’s Kater Bannix bit 🙂And dude…when someone said to me “someone in n’sync came out” I asked if it was JC. Not because I didn’t think of Lance, but because I assumed everyone already knew about HIM, so there was another one.Tee hee-N

  14. They announced this @ MTV live last night. Miss Ash was in love with him, and even had his doll. We called her immediately to laugh.

  15. I’m completely serious.“It’s tearin’ up my heart when I’m with you. And when we are apart I feel it too. But no matter what I do I feel the same. With or without you…”Want more?

  16. Linny – GOD NO. SHAME!!!!! Maybe THATS why you’re still single. LOL!!! You love N’Sync. Its your downfall!!!

  17. Phil, the BIG news is that Paris Hilton is pregnant…WITH TWINS!!!

  18. Ok I have to tell you that I heard this news on the radio this morning, and I said to myself OH MY GOD PHIL WASN’T KIDDING. I’m a little out of the loop.

  19. You said Lance

  20. unfortunatly, BV, the <>lance<> in question is only attracted to other lances….. and not sheths

  21. so, how many hits?

  22. Hey Phil…Do you think you could write another “Guy Code of Conduct” post? I found the last one highly amusing.-Kater

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