Mission Accomplished!

How does that quote go? “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Maybe I should coin a new phrase: “Hell hath no fury like a group of women bloggers who were offended by a man.” Wow! My last post seems to be the literary equivalent of throwing a rock at a hornets nest! And don’t think for a minute that I didn’t enjoy the reaction. Boy was that fun! I assure you all that I was completely tongue-in-cheek kidding as I wrote that post. Although I was using humor, I did want to make the point that a lot of blogs too often turn into vehicles for man bashing. If an alien were to come to our planet and use blogs as their way of learning about our culture they would get the impression that all women hate all men. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to respond to all your comments. I was away for the weekend. I’ll have a new, more conventional post tomorrow, that is if you’re all not too mad at me to come back.

9 responses to “Mission Accomplished!

  1. You crack me up with the apologies. I hereby submit a cease and desist order toward any future apologies for any of your future posts.

  2. What did someone say that was so bad you had to delete it?That being said, I can’t think of a blog that I’ve been to frequently that focuses on man-bashing (men are evil)a majority of the time. I personally don’t take to making blanket statements about men (they don’t know how to take care of a woman in bed) in my postings/comments. I think that men (are a waste of space) bring wonderful contributions to this world (sperm), and my world isn’t complete unless I am learning (putting up with crap)from a man in my life.Kater

  3. Hello? I blacked out there for a while. It seems my alter-ego took over for a while and posted CRAZY stuff. I apologize if she offended anyone…=)

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  5. Geewits- Ok, no more apologies. I sincerely like everyone who comments on my blog and wouldn’t want to lose any of my blog friends.CC- I didn’t delete any comments. Those were deleted by the author. I believe in freedom of speech even if it disagrees with me. Also, your alter ego was very funny.SF- An overdue welcome to The Phil Factor for you! Thank you for your support.

  6. <>gluing small tacks on phil’s office chair<>uh hu – SURE you were joking… & SURE you are sorry – NOW that we have all attacked!; }

  7. Mmmmhmmmm. Blogs are our outlet Phil. If we want to bash b/c that’s what’s on our mind…I say bash away.

  8. 1. I would say you did a little bashing yourself.2. As for not responding to ALL the comments…you’re obviously just looking for an “out”.3. If an alien were to read this he would probably say “Wow, that Phil sure can be a horse’s patooty!”Nonetheless, you are still the most beloved and adored Sexiest Man Alive or Future President!

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