The Best Band Ever? Obviously.

This is an update to my previous post on Aug. 9th, A Very Funny Band, A Very Funny Song. On a whim I e-mailed the link to that post to the “contact us” e-mail address on the bands website. A day later I received an e-mail which simply said, “Thanks for that you fabulous tastemaker.” So I e-mailed back, “Thanks for your sarcasm. It was so sharp I nearly cut myself.” I then received another e-mail from the bands contact person who claimed to be sincere. I got curious as to who affiliated with the band would spend the time to exchange sarcastic e-mails with me. I went to their website and looked in the “bio” section. It turns out that the person e-mailing me appears to be the lead singer. In a couple more e-mails that were exchanged she explained that this is their first CD and that they do all their own publicity, scheduling of shows etc. I hooked her up with the contact info for the programming director of my cities best independent radio station in hopes of bringing them here for a show or at least getting them a little more well-deserved exposure. Needless to say, if a band is nice enough to e-mail me more than once, then they deserve the official designation of Official Band of The Phil Factor. It’s a very prestigious title that was not even granted to The Beatles,WHAM!, or David Hasselhoff. I’m sure they’re busy inscribing that on their resume right now. As I previously said, they appear to be good people with my sense of humor, so they deserve all the support I can give them. Their website is now at the bottom of my link list and if any of you can tell me how to make a special titled category for the link I’ll do that next. BTW, they have MP3 downloads of their songs on their website.

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  1. On your template about halfway down it should say something like the following –except where I put parenthesis you should have < for ( or this > for )(MainOrArchivePage) (h2 class=”sidebar-title”)Official Band of The Phil Factor(/h2)(li)(a href=””)Jesus H. Christ and the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypes(/a((/li)again replacing any parenthesis with an < or >

  2. ooops anyway where it says main archive pages…you can paste whatever you like…i just put in the official band thingy 🙂then below that link title you put he link…..i am sure someone else is much better at explaining this than I.and way cool of you to help them out!

  3. I hope none of them need glasses :o)

  4. Hysterical Album cover and titles. Love the blog!

  5. Thanks Sunny, I’ll try that. You’re as brilliant as ever!Michelle- LOL!Pamela- Thanks, it’s nice to meet you. Welcome to The Phil Factor!

  6. That’s right up my alley, actually.-N

  7. sigh… what does a lowly girl who is sarcastic but does not belong to a band have to do to get put on the phil factor link list…

  8. Natalia- Really, that’s your kind of music? CC- You’ll get there, I promise. The next time I have more than 5 minutes online I promise you’ll be added.

  9. You realize that David Hasselhoff isn’t a band….LOLAnyway, great story man. It’s cool when bands or groups add the personal touch. I belong to a few myspace pages from actors from the tv show “The Office” Their fan base is too big to do the real personal touch, but they still keep weekly blogs about their lives and share personal pictures and stuff like that. It makes you see them as real people who are excited about doing thie jobs. If anything, it give you even more respect for them as artists.

  10. Now that you got an official band, I think you need an official mascot too, How about a clown?

  11. how many people are in that band???

  12. G-Man- That’s a good idea. If I am to designate a mascot it’s definitely going to be the clown in that picture.Princess- There’s 8 people in the band. They have a 4 piece horn section. How can you not like a band with a horn section?

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