What If….

Of all the words of tongue or pen
The saddest are “what might have been…”–William Shakespeare

If a magic genie named Phil came to you and offered you the opportunity to go back in time and reverse only one decision you made, what would it be?

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  1. That transgender surgery I had. I really don’t like having Heavy D and the Boys between my legs. It gets kind of sweaty. Do you know what I mean Phil? 😉

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  3. I wouldn’t reverse any decision that I have ever made. Some were good and some were bad, but ultimately they are the decisions that made me “who I am” today…I rather like who I am. Like some decisions I have made in my life, I am flawed, but what I do know to be true is that I am a great mother, a great wife, a great friend, and an all around great gal!

  4. If i had the opportunity, I wouldnt go back and change one thing. I dont have any regrets, and regardless of the bad decisions that I have made, I have learned a lot from each one, and wouldnt give that knowledge back if I could. Most of my bad decisions in coming from treating people not as well as I should have….oh and I would have worked harder in school. but thats so trivial, because I am making up for it now.Even the times when my coping skills werent as developed as they are now, I learned to be a stronger person, and learned to work out my problems more efficiently and more positively.Im good…really.

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  6. I would have Phil the magic genie put a stop to a certain poker game that changed my life.…. long story.

  7. i would have never left Scotland.

  8. i would have gone to a different college….

  9. I would have changed the way I approached my tertiary level education. It could have been handled much more efficiently if I had kept an eye on the big picture.

  10. The decision to eat taco Bell for dinner tonight. What was I thinking? Ugh.

  11. I would have taken quantum physics instead of classical physics at Uni! Turns out that the quantum stuff is way more interesting / fun than the classical stuff. Which could explain why I now teach Chemistry / Bio and not Physics 🙂

  12. Travelin’ pt- You bet I know that one!SF- Sad, but hopefully it was a learning experience that will serve you well the rest of your life.Kim- Nice answer. Way to be confident!Princess- So you’re feeling bad for all those sarcastic comments on my blog? I understand. Thank you for the apology.Josie- That sounds like a story worth telling. Can we look forward to it on your blog?

  13. Chloe- Are you from Scotland? What is the draw there for you?Question Girl- Why and which college?Belizegial- I know what you mean exactly.Jmai- I was thinking the same thing about the Chinese buffet I went to last night.dzeni- Yep, that physics choice is always a tough one.

  14. You wish Pilly…you wish. Alls fair in the world of blogging.

  15. i don’t know, phil. probably nothing. maybe i’d have stayed in france for that extra semester, but that would have changed the whole course of events that followed. i think i am good too.

  16. I was terribly abused for years as a kid , and there was one time when someone asked me ( unfortuantely in front of my abuser) if I was in fact being abused.I was so afraid of him and what would happen next if I said yes, that I could barely speak and out of fear I said no.I wish I could go back in time, I wish I could have been brave enough to say yes.I wonder what direction my life would have gone. I wonder had I told the truth if I would have been rescued.

  17. ah phil the questions you ask…each time I think of a “do-over” I have to think of what came after said event…thus I agree with the majority of the comments..even though something may have been extremely painful…it helped determine my now…I do have one do-over and that follows the lines of jmai’s comment…why did I make extra-spicey chili for dinner??

  18. I sometimes think I should have partied less, and studied more, during my final year at high school. I failed !! However, I haven’t had any problems work-wise since I left, and have been happy, so I don’t know whether I would change that. It was an amazing year !!So, nope, I don’t think I would reverse any decision I have made. I am happy with my lot.Boring, aren’t I !?!?!Have a great week, Phil.Take care, Meow

  19. I’d bite my tongue last weekend and leave some words unsaid. They were unnecessary and stupid.Fortunately, they don’t seem to have caused permanent harm.

  20. Getting married.

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