Dr. Doolittle

Some of you may be familiar with my dog, Robin, from her previous post. Yesterday I had to take her to the vet. Here are some of the things I saw and thought while I was there:

1. There was a vet assistant with a feret tattooed on her forearm. My thought: Sometimes tattoos can be very sexy on women. This was not one of those times.

2. There was a woman in a Tommy Hilfiger shirt who brought her dog, named Gucci, in because the dog had eaten one of her shoes. The women was tearful. I’m not sure if it was because of the dog or the shoe.

3. There was a slightly odd looking man pacing the waiting room with a windbreaker jacket draped over his arm and something he was carrying. After he was invited into the exam room he came out carrying an empty hamster ball. My thought: If your pet is small enough to flush, then don’t waste your time bringing it to the vet. If it costs more in gas to drive your pet to the vet than it cost to actually purchase the pet, then you should probably just flush the aforementioned pet. Before you all accuse me of being insensitive, the flat fee for an emergency exam on a Sunday is $90, (which is equal to $472 Canadian). This gentleman brought his hamster in on a Sunday for an emergency exam. What the hell could possibly constitute a hamster medical emergency?

4. Why was my Usufruct You post below this the least commented upon post I’ve had in over a year? It may not be related to my vet visit, but I was wondering about it while I was there.

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  1. then maybe you should bring your dog to Canada to the vet. An emergency room sunday visit is less than 90 dollars, so thats roughly -375 dollars. If you brought your dog here, they’d owe YOU money.What kind of name is Robin for a dog. You should write a blog about people who name their dogs people names. I know someone who named their poodle Ryan. It drives me mental

  2. carefull phil, in your next life you may just return as a flushable creature.

  3. hmmm. so i should mark “ferret” off my list of possible tattoos? damn.i’ve always named my animals people names, but nothing that i would actually name a child.i was going to give examples, but then i just realized i’d run the risk of offending someone. you know, like you phil. 😉 kidding.

  4. After reading your post, here is what I thought…(1) I am not as funny as I originally thought.(2) I really need to blog more.(3) Is this guy married? Cause he is hilarious and all women love a guy who can make them laugh.

  5. I’ve never owned a flushable animal, but I would imagine that you could get attached to those animals as much as your big manly dog. I don’t know about $90 attached though…Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s a bad idea to flush a hamster.Also, I think your usufruct post was a little too cerebral for some of us…

  6. *ROFLMAO* not at the part about robin – but at the rest of it“i” have a vet tech who is a goth chick – down to black scrubs… she has a tatto of a scorpion on one hand, and a tarantula on the other wrist…….

  7. Flushable pets..omg!…we had two pet rats…lab rats, leftover from a school experiment, who then came home to live with us…they developed some really disgusting tumors…I mean very ewwwwww! But they were also much loved my all the family…what to do? How do you properly euthanize a pet rat…$30 US each at the vet…no way!Called a local pet shop, how do they do it for those rats that are to become snake food…a broom handle to the neck..no way! I can’t do that….so they suggested a box and the deep freeze…the tender little pets would gently fall to sleep due to hypothermia…sounded great…only one problem…I used a plastic shoebox…so they did not fall gently into rat heaven..but through aphixiation…gulp!

  8. Very very funny post. I never thought of pets as being “flushable”, not unless they were goldfish. Thanks for the laugh!

  9. My sister has a hamster. The way her husband torments that thing, I bet he wishes to be flushed every day. Last Christmas they trapped him in an old paper towel roll and sat him on the traditional Christmas choo-choo as it went round. When we finally freed him he sat in the corner of his cage, motionless, for hours. I liked your usufruct post. People are on vacation, don’t sweat it. PS why does it seem that you have the oddest and longest word verification? irtlzhwm? Really!

  10. yup been there and seen and heard worse than that…out here in Quebec…well lets just say it’s better if I don’t go there….

  11. I am going to ignore your idea of flushing the hamster, even if it is a rodent that serves no useful purpose in life. I want to know if Robin is okay…why did you have to take her to the Animal ER?

  12. women get very very possesive of shoes! We cry over shoes and we cry of puppies. Put them both together and Voila!

  13. I didn’t have a comment, I was just going to read comments, but I have to comment on the word verification comment:You are right jmai. I’ve noticed that too. This one is:qrnqtkvzOne guy’s blog that I read usually has something like:vmab

  14. Princess- I love pets with people names!Quinn- You’re probably right, and I would deserve it.Say Rah! Don’t worry about offending me of all people!

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