"I’m An Idea Man Chuck."

I’ve decided to add a new feature to The Phil Factor. I’m sure that many of you who have spent over a year observing my dull, never-changing template are saying, “It’s about time Phil!” To those people, I say, “Don’t get your hopes up.” My new idea is my way of dealing with those little bits of ideas I have that are endless flowing through my mind. All day every day I have ideas or thoughts that while being possibly interesting or amusing never grow enough to become a full-fledged blog post. Like that game at the carnival where you pick a little plastic duck out of the tub of water to look on the bottom and see if you’ve won a prize, sometimes I pluck these thoughts out of my head. Just like at the carnival, when you look on the bottom of the duck and hand it to the carni, your prize is rarely as large as you wanted. Occasionally, in place of a real post, or just because I thought it, I’ll be posting those here as “A Random Phil Thought.” They’ll be like M&M’s (Smarties) for your mind. Here’s today’s Random Phil Thought:

The Leave A Bite Diet: For those of you who hate the low-fat, bland diets you read about, here’s my idea. Eat what you normally eat, but make a point of leaving the last bite on your plate and walking away. It may be slow, but over time those last bites will add up. After a week you’ve probably eliminated one meal. Over a year you’ve eliminated the equivalent of 52 meals.

By the way, if anyone reading this can tell me the movie where I got the quote I used in the title you’ll receive 10,000 Phil Points, which are redeemable at the gift shop, and you’ll be my new best friend.

19 responses to “"I’m An Idea Man Chuck."

  1. *grin* 10,000 points AND a new best friend? My day is off to a great start 🙂Sometimes I get so many ideas I can’t fight them off. I wash my hands AND feet of you. I loooooooved Night Shift!!!

  2. darn she geek beat me..good job.Enjoyed your post as always phil.

  3. Well, I’m out.

  4. No comment for you on this one…Why???Because first you complain about to few comments, then when you do get comments you don’t comment all of the commentors on the comments they made (only a few were acknowledged)….NO, my feelings are NOT hurt…What I am trying to say is that you did not answer my question!Is Robin okay????

  5. zvxhyah shoot she beet me too, anyways see you soon….

  6. The answer to your pop question…..”Night Shift”

  7. I want to know what’s in the gift shop before I commit.

  8. OMG – the infamous Gooby??

  9. Oh brother..is that THE Gooby??? He is a mildly popular celebrity here in Philand…Tres Chic.And I agree with Kim. You do complain about not enough comments, and I have seen posts where you deliberately ignore my comment and answer everyone elses. I have examples if you really want them. 🙂

  10. I always leave some of everything on my plate. If I had a dollar for every time a waiter asked in a very concerned voice, “Was there something wrong with your food?” I could eat for free for the next 5 years. Of course the ones who are not so concerned just say, “Uh, did you want a box for the rest of that?”And Jeebus, Merry and Joefish! The WV is:gqbinrgiAt least that’s what I’m going to type.

  11. TO KIM AND PRINCESS- I am not ignoring anyone’s comments. I’m often in the middle of answering comments when I get interrupted by one of my mini-me’s. Yes, Robin was in bad shape over the weekend, but she’s fine now!

  12. Fancy Face- I guess everyone knows that movie. We must all be old.Gooby- It appears that your appearance has pleased the masses.bobciz- Well of course there’s The Phil Factor t-shirts, key chains, and coffee mugs as well as one of those things with one face cut out so you can look like you’re actually posing with me. We also have duplicates of those cardboard Phil cut-outs that were made popular by the aforementioned Gooby.Hi Geewits! How did the WV turn out? Did you get it on one shot?

  13. Well now *I* am the offended one. Where’s my award? Gimmee my points and best friend!! *grin*And I’d like to add that I’m slightly troubled by my WV being “jzizz”. I can’t tell if it’s perverted or if I should break out into gangsta shnizzle rap.

  14. LOL!!! Wow…i was kidding. Thats why I smiled at the end of that post. I thought we were exchanging witty repartay…LOL!!!

  15. She Geek- You got it first, so you get the 10,00 points. You’re also my new best friend. That’s why you got jzizz in the word verification.

  16. Aw man! I am the go to girl for movie quotes and music lyrics but I got here too late. Sucks to be me, Of course, that means that I will have to check in more frequently. Ciao for now!

  17. PS. Aug 31st was Blog Day 2006 so I blogged you baby!

  18. I guess we all get stuck with those little ideas that collect dust in our brains waiting to grow into something bigger. I like your idea Phil, both the posting of random Phil thoughts and the Leave a Bite Diet.

  19. Dayngrgrl- Blog Day? Was there a party? I didn’t get the invite? Carly Ann- Thanks! You’re the only one to comment on my Leave A Bite Diet. I should trademark that idea.

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