Is Your Name Sting Ray Hunter?

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was killed by a sting ray while filming his show today. Look at the picture. There’s Steve feeding a crocodile while holding his baby. What are the chances a guy like that would be killed by a large, dangerous animal? Pretty good obviously. What the hell was he doing in the ocean fooling around with sting rays? His wife is just lucky Steve didn’t decide to strap some floaties on their 2 1/2 year old son and take him out on swimming with him. This just goes to show that you should stick with what you know. Now if we could just get David Blaine to take over Steve’s show I think everything would work out all right.

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  1. I just read this on Pete’s blog and it broke my heart. I LOVE Steve Irwin. I’m so sad right now.

  2. Hi Linny- Welcome back, I’ve missed your comments.After reading Linny’s coment I have the most complicated word verification ever.fmvgxhvx except is was all wavy and hard to read.

  3. Great post Phil and totally agree with you on the David Blaine comment :).

  4. this was about as shocking as lance bass coming out. oh wait, i <>was<> surprised by that, wasn’t i?

  5. HI Phil, although it is sad from a family point of view, they have lost a husband and a father. From his perspective he obviously died doing things he loved and enjoying life, sure beats being hit by a bus don’t ya think.

  6. I find this very sad. He was reckless, that’s for sure, but he loved animals and did a great job educating people.

  7. When I first heard about his death last night, I thought back to all the times I watched Crocodile Hunter with my ex and we’d comment about the day we would read about his death by crocodile. What I find to be sad is that he was such a genuine person. Yeah, he was a showboater but I never really got the feeling that, unlike a useless personality like David Blaine, he was ever a media whore. It’s also so sad simply because he wasn’t really in a terribly dangerous situation – I’ve gone snorkeling a dozen times in the Caribbean and been that close to stingrays a couple of times. I recall the first time I came up close and personal with a barracuda – it swam right up to my face and grinned at me. For the record, if you scream underwater when snorkeling, not only will nobody hear you, you get to drink some truly foul tasting seawater and the Mexican guide will laugh at you.

  8. I was telling my mom just now when I saw this on the news that our grade 10 science teacher was very much a crocodile hunter in his own right, and he was even from australia.Anyway, my old science teacher was bitten by a copperhead, chased by crocdiles, swam with giant sea sponges, bred snakes, and did studies on owls in the middle of the night. He was easily the coolest teacher i had ever had. And when he died, it wasnt his work that killed him…he died in a car accident. HOW EXCITING that linny is back!!

  9. he was filming a show called “Ocean’s Deadliest”.kind of ironic, don’t ya think?very sad for his wife and two little kids. i just hope his family does try to continue in his overzealous footsteps.

  10. oh crap. i meant to type DOESN’T follow in his footsteps. doesn’t – doesn’t.

  11. he obviously enjoyed his work to be taking those risks every day…unfortunately this time he wasn’t so lucky….

  12. It is a tragedy to lose someone so enthusiastic as Steve. Even though what he did came across as somewhat bizarre, and incredibly dangerous at times, he always seemed to be in control. Who’d figure it would be a (usually placid) stingray that would do this to him ?? He really put Australia on the map, and turned heaps of people towards environmentalism (is that a word?) and conservation. RIP Steve.Take care, Meow

  13. Hi guys, I’ll upset some I’m sure, and I did like Steve Irwin’s larrakin friendliness and enthusiasm from his interviews but he has a lot to answer for with people over the other side of the pond thinking we all talk incredulously saying “crikey” a lot. Probably the same people who assume we ride kangaroos to work too though. 😉I feel for his family though. But why on earth was he out in the ocean being filmed around a stingray? He was a landlubber workways unless he was branching out?I won’t be a hypocrite though and say I was a fan.

  14. Yes, i have to agree with clueless. Personally not a fan, basically because of what clueless said…..i found that part of him very embarrasing. We just don’t speak like that.However,you can’t deny the fact he put Australia on the map, and opened many peoples eyes to animal conservation, many loved the guy.I feel for his daughter, she idolised her father. I hope they continue on with his business.

  15. Not just was Steve a Conservationist, he was also an expert on Marine animals, including Sea creatures.Steve was an experienced diver, not known to many because he worked mostly in his Zoo. Steve has shot many documentaries with see animals, to be diving with whales you also need an extra ICE diver and Advance diver qualification, which Steve had. So I guess, he did stick to what he knew best. It was only an unfortunate sad accident. No one will know what made the stingray feel threatened, as been said, they are very plasid unless they feel in danger and that’s when they are stepped upon, cornered or injured. None of this I believe happened while filming. From a qualified diver who have dived with stingrays over 1ton in weight.

  16. I’m with She Geek. Steve Irwin was over the top at times but he always seemed genuine to me. Not a David Blaine, at all. His death was premature and quite sad.

  17. i agree w/ almost all of you1) he was a great teacher etc…2) i feel for his family3) i love your idea phil for DB to take over his show4) as much as my students love him – i COULDNT STAND to listen to him for more than 5 minutes5) for him – what a way to go out – doing what you lovehow’s this for his head stone: <><>gone swimmin’<><>(you’ve got to be kidding – your word verification DOES suck: fzwjqbkv – all wavy)

  18. i was in vegas when this happened. i was really tired and i thought my friend said stevie wonder died swimming in the ocean with sting rays. ‘at least was with the nature he enjoyed so much’, she said. i said ‘i didnt know stevie wonder loved nature’. and then we all laughed at my idiocy. ha ha ha.

  19. Oh damn.. that hurt! How ya gonna kick a dead man, I mean a good man when he’s drowned I mean down.

  20. CC–thanks for making me laugh again. I totally forgot about that, but it was very funny. Some of you may ask why “stevie wonder.” Well, there was a news clip on a blind school teacher going on in the background when the rest of us were talking about Steve Irwin. It’s weird how we make those associations.It is unfortunate that such a young, vibrant and enthusiastic person had to die in such a tragic way, but he died doing what he loved.

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