Update To The Chain Letter Post

I did not break the chain. It wasn’t out of fear of the consequences, but more because of a desire to reap the rewards of good luck. Of course I couldn’t just forward it to 20 of my best friends. After redistributing it at work I was still short of the requisite 20 recipients needed to help me claim my good fortune. Here’s what I did: I went through the original e-mail received and scrolled back to find the ringleaders. The people who had received this and then forwarded it on to everyone in their e-mail address book. The list included people in jobs from secretary to company president from large companies all over the globe. I sent the e-mail chain letter back to them with the text of my Chain Letter Panic Disorder in the e-mail as well. Since it’s the weekend I anticipate that when they all get back to work tomorrow I’ll be hearing from them. Oh, and I did send it to a couple of my blogger friends as well.

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  1. HI Phil….

  2. I think that’s a fabulous idea. One of the many things about email forwards that annoy me to no end is that nobody trims the posts so by the time it’s been sent to a gajillion people, so has my email address. I like the idea of sharing the love back with the tards who sent it out in the first place.

  3. OH YA…I GOT THAT. Thanks.

  4. Where’s today’s quote, Phil? Here’s one for you:“Apes don’t read philosophy.”“Yes they do, they just don’t understand it.”

  5. hey you how yah doing? youv’e missed a couple of good blogs on my side….

  6. Is that why I’ve been having so much bad luck lately? I delete chain mail before I even open it. Particularly the ones I receive at work.I got news from my employer last week that (oops) they have been overpaying me, and I now owe them $3,500.00 (Canadian). Ya gotta laff.Do you think I should have forwarded the chain mail, and that wouldn’t have happened?

  7. You know, when a chain letter becomes circular it could go on forever. And you, my friend, are the responsable party. :)kumrgls

  8. Geez, Phil. I’m glad you don’t have my e-mail address. Sending it back to the people from the start was funny!vtumffd

  9. LOL, good one!

  10. good idea returning the chain to those who have sent it very clever. i admit i am a chain breaker!

  11. yeah, uh… thanks for the virus tooj/k

  12. What a great idea! I just delete them, now I think I will try your brillant way!

  13. Chain emails are created for the sole purpose of collecting email addresses for spam.Sending the chain back to the originator of the letter makes that collection fulfills that purpose.Congratulations on your brilliant idea!

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