Blogger Beta Bites

Blogger Beta Bites. Sounds like a candy doesn’t it? I thought Beta went out when VHS tapes came along. It’s certainly not helping Blogger. Every time I try to leave a comment on the blog of someone who has switched over to the new and improved Blogger Beta I get the following message: “We’re sorry, but we’re unable to complete your request.” I’m not ignoring you Beta people, but your new and improved system is screwing you out of comments. You’ve gone over to the dark side. Run to the light. Return to the side of the good and the right. Comment with us old school Blogger types. Does anyone now how I can get around this? I don’t want to switch to Beta myself until I know everyone can still comment on my blog as usual? Progress is bad. The soothing, simple ways of the olden days of blogging are better.

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  1. You can leave them a comment….just instead of signing in as a Blogger…sign in as Other. You can leave still put your name and webpage on there.

  2. Thanks Linny! I can always count on you!

  3. I was tracking down a blogger I had not heard from in awhile and she said the same thing. What is all this Beta Blogger stuff about, and when did it all happen? Will we have to switch to Beta, and what is Beta anyway? She lost some of her blog or something…I have not come across a BETA one yet, but knowing to type in OTHER does help. This may be frustrating. Peg

  4. Blogger Beta Bites… Sounds like something I would eat. But then, I’ll eat just about anything.

  5. Whats a blogger Beta? Is there a new type of blogger that I am completely unaware of???

  6. You can use Haloscan. APparently people with Beta Blogger can comment and receive comments when using that? Beats me. I typically dont use anything called “Beta”. Thanks for stopping by….sorry if your first impression of me was umm…off kilter…lol I promise ALL of my posts are not like that…lol

  7. ΒΈI always say…out with the new and in with the old..thats really not how the saying goes but for you philster we’ll pretend…..

  8. I have heard only bad beta blogger stories…plus being the lazy thing I am, I will only change if I have too. *sticks tongue out at blogger*

  9. The word beta scares me! i am afraid

  10. No problem. By the way…JFK Airport SUCKS. I was stuck there for HOURS and HOURS.

  11. I don’t even know what beta is! I do know a lot of people who have lost their entire blog whilst transferring over to the new beta….it sucks.

  12. I haven’t heard anything good about Beta Blogger. Anyway, it sounds like a gimmick to me.I have a crappy old computer that I am nursing along until it goes to that landfill in the sky, so I don’t think I could use Beta anyway. Does anyone know if there is an advantage to it?

  13. I wish I could help but all that computer lingo just confuses me what the heck is beta?

  14. Pennys- Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully Beta will go away and we can all just keep our heads in the sand.ChooChoo- I think I’d rather eat Beta than use it for blogging.Princess- Yes, there is a type of Blogger that you are apparently completely unaware of.Chelle- Thanks for stopping by. I ttried Haloscan once. Hated it. As you said, this isn’t typical of my posts either. I hope you come back to read the regular stuff.

  15. Lots of peopelo hate Haloscan….I have never had a problem with it….knock on wood! πŸ™‚I will be back to check out the “regular” stuff! πŸ™‚

  16. Fancy Face- Thanks for accomodating me. I wholeheartedly agree.Sunny- You sound just like me!Mia- Welcome to The Phil Factor. Thanks for joining the fun. I hope you come back!Linny- Are you blaming me for JFK because I live in New York? I’ve only been there once. JFK is a hole of an airport.

  17. Michelle- Good point. Everyone, let’s boycott Beta!Josie- Again, a vote against Beta. I hope the people who run Blogger are reading this.Rachel- Beta is an idea spawned by Satan. Be afraid. Be very afraid. In Blogworld no one can hear you scream. Chelle- Thanks for coming back to check out the comment. New post within 24 hours, and I think it will be about women. I’m a big fan of them.

  18. A “beta” release of software is the next-to-last step of a product going live. It’s a term used to describe the state of the product making it ready for testing by a members of the intended audence or demo group who will eventually be asked to buy it once the kinks are worked out. It’s also known as the “pre-release”.When you use a beta version, you’re basically a guinea pig. Most of the major problems are identified in the alpha release but until it’s sent out for real-world testing, devs are unable to determine how it will interact on a wider basis. Usually the beta group is asked to report problems/bugs with the software with the promise of either a discounted final version or just the Cool Factor of being part of the development.Always beware using a beta product, especially when something as precious as your blog is at stake. Back EVERYTHING up locally because you never know what might make the servers fall down and go boom. I lost 6 months of work over at diary-x because the nitwit who ran the site turned off his auto backups and then then had a fatal unrecoverable hard drive crash. It wasn’t even in beta but I learned my lesson…always back up.…this information provided by your loving She Geek.

  19. Ummm…I must have been out of the loop for longer than I’d thought. Ummm… what?-N

  20. everytime i signed in under the beta my blog locks up and i cannot post. actually once i signed in out of curiosity the second time was by mistake.both had the same result.

  21. Hip hip for old school blogging!

  22. I’m with PP — kinda. I KNOW about Blogger beta, but I haven’t been unlucky enough to be recruited to the dark side. Which is just as well since I would miss your comments dearly, Phil!!

  23. I know about Blogger Beta, but I know of too many people having problems, and a few losing all their stuff. Unless I have no choice, I’m staying with old Blogger … I suggest that’s what we all do !!Take care, Meow

  24. Beta Blogger ain’t much diffrent from the current version, but one must be carefull when you move to a new template… then you lose the stuff that took you years to put in your niches, sidebar info and the like.It has some neat functions but if you are not a tinkerer like me… wait till the bugs are ironed out… On second thought… do bugs ever get ironed out? Some bugs become “features”! πŸ™‚Cheers from the Darkside…

  25. Recently I have tried to change to new beta blogger but it was not possible because the “bad request: Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request” appears continuously. What’s the problem? I don’t know, it is possible that only Firefox be the special browser to publish (I use IExplorer) o maybe the problem be the language…Regards.< HREF="" REL="nofollow" TITLE=" Libertad de pensamiento">La Agujeta <>

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