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According to the recent results of a study published by Dr. Tracy L. Tyka of Ohio State University, “Men are affected by those pressures in the media … or the pressures that others put on them to look more muscular,” she said. That’s right ladies. You just need to back off and let us get fat. We may all be working on 6-pack abs, but it’s a 6-pack of Budweiser. Let’s call a truce between men and women. How about if the men stop idealizing Hollywood anorexics and supermodels and you stop drooling over Nick Lachey and Matthew McConaughey? We’ll let you have your curves if you let us have ours.

In fact, it’s my opinion that men have it harder than women when it comes to pressure to have perfect bodies. Yes, you heard me right. On the dating scene you may think you need to be all tall and busty to attract men, but that is far from the truth. We’re guys. All you have to do is to be female and we’re happy with that. Do we have standards that we judge women’s bodies by? Of course we do. If you have a body we’re basically happy. Women on the other hand demand their men be 6 feet tall and built like a Greek god. I think Dr. Tracy L. Tyka of Ohio State University said it best when she said, “Instead of pressuring men to be more muscular, (we need to) accept men’s bodies for what they are and instead focus on internal characteristics.” Hey, I don’t create the news, I just report it. If a scientist says it, then it must be true. That’s right ladies, we’re not just sex objects, we have feelings too ya’ know!

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t about me. I’m a total smokin’ hottie. I was at the Man Meeting the other night and some of the other guys were getting down about this, so I told them I’d mention it to you.

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  1. Sounds like a deal to me. But I am, of course, smoking hot myself *cough*

  2. Of course you are ChooChoo. I can tell from your picture.

  3. I think both sides have it tough regarding what’s expected of them. Here’s to not being obliged to date and to being quite happy with the boy and his six pack of Bud.

  4. Ummm…this cominig from a woman who has been married for 20 years… *eyeroll* lol…men “let themselves go” and it’s “acceptable”. If women do that, they are just lazy and sit on the couch all day watching tv, eating candy. I never pressured my husband and now I wish I had. He has adpoted the…I am what I am attiitude and it sucks. Big time.

  5. Married here…19 years! 19 looooooooong years LOL….we have both let ourselves go off and on..sometimes like now I am working on getting things under control, ..and well..hub has been working on his “6 pack” exercising the old elbow… I think…it seems to only be an issue when we are out of synch…meaning..if we are both in “let it go ” mode..neither of us really cares and we are happy..but when one of us in “get in shape mode” and the other isn’t that is when the way the other person looks tends to be more of an issue…..Besides it is always easier when you have someone to work at it with…and harder when you are doing crunches on the floor and your partner is doing potatoe chip crunchies on the couch.!!!!

  6. Bollocks. Women have historically had it harder and continue to have it harder not only when first meeting a man but in keeping up their look so their significant other doesn’t run off with a younger model, which is OK for a man to do. Luckily, there are more enlightened people, who do not care about looks 🙂-N

  7. 6 feet tall???Built like a Greek god???Obviously, you have never met my husband. :o)

  8. I agree men suffer the same, but I don’t believe they have it as tough as we women do.There are plenty of popular, lusted-after male actors and stars who aren’t good looking – look at Chris Evans, Michael Douglas, Mick Hucknall, to name but a few.I wish my boyfriend would relax a little. He’s down the gym now as I type. He keeps in good shape (six pack and all, and not the lager type) – don’t get me wrong I think he’s gorgeous, but I would’ve settled for less perfection in the looks department – his exquisite gorgeousness is a bonus rather than a prerequisite.

  9. My son’s dad:5’10, beer bellyMy previous significant other:6’2, beer bellyMy current (and please God last) boyfriend:6’0, abs of solid steelI miss the beer bellies, but not the people they were attached to.

  10. You know, I’ve actually mostly dated guys who were a little bigger. I don’t like real skinny guys and I don’t like real muscular guys…somewhere runofthemill is fine w/ me. But I DO like them to have a little meat on their bones….It’s nice to cuddle up to.

  11. the worst man in my life was 6’4″ with a hot surfer body. the best man in my life was 5’4ish” and not much to look at, but he was an honest, genuine, caring person. looks matter a bit, but attraction is key. it’s that undefinable chemistry that makes dating so fun.

  12. I don’t like skinny guys. I actually think a “six pack” is unattractive. Go figure.You go to man meetings? Do you recite the “Man’s Prayer”?“I’m a man and I can change, if I have to …I guess.”

  13. not sure if the actual post or the comments are funnier today. 🙂

  14. Hey Phil, I think I was at that meeting too. 🙂

  15. Phil, if you guys have a body we’re basically happy also. lololol Have yourself a great weekend!

  16. I have a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend who has been basically single and unhappy the entire time I have known her (and that’s been 7 years). Her problem? She only wants a tall, extrememly handsome guy. Dumbest criteria ever!(I think my word verification is Portuguese for “excuse me”: oscoza)

  17. Jazz- I agree that both sides have it tough. I just wanted to see if any women would admit that.Chelle- I’m a guy who doesn’t think it’s acceptable to let myself go. Just like women, we see the ads and movie stars and feel like we have to look that good to make women happy.Quinn- You’re right. It’s nice if you have a partner in your goals either way.Natalia- Yes, historically women have had it harder, but I think now the media pressure on men is/has caught up. Bollocks to you too. Derr.Kim- Of course I’ve met your husband. He’s a regular at the secret Man Meetings that women aren’t supposed to know about.

  18. Girl Like You- You make a good point. I think men have it easier when it comes to aging and still being thought of as attractive. Sherbears- LOL! You have a refreshing point of view.Linny- Ok, whatever you say. ; )McKay- I absolutely agree with you that it’s the personality (and maybe the eyes and smile) that make a person attractive, but the media seems to feel differently. I think I like your comment the best so far.

  19. Josie- I can’t tell you what we do at the man meetings. In fact, there are no secret man meetings. I have no idea what you’re talking about.Say Rah!- That’s what I love about virtually every post. The comments always make me laugh. Sometimes I write things just to see what comments I can provoke.Gary- You’d better have been there. I marked you down on the attendance list. I think it’s your turn to take the minutes next time.Thanks Belize, that’s a relief.Geewits- I agree that physical criteria are stupid, or any preconceived criteria for that matter.

  20. well let me tell you something about just letting you guys get fat…why not if theres a good reason for it and not just because of lazieness and the I don’t care how I look stuff…been married 16 years now and yes hubby has gotten ..well…a little pot belly, but that is because he quit smoking almost three years ago, so pot belly or not I’m proud of him for keeping up the good work…

  21. great comments, nothing add…no matter what anyone says….we all do it to ourselves….but i do see small signs of “us” the masses letting the advertisers know that there beauty (handsomeness for you manly men) in all sizes and shapes…dove is making headway for women…i also think attitude plays a very large role in attractivness…good smokin’ hot man! *grin*okay another word verication moment….lovzguhy…really!

  22. oops 2 things…. it seems I did have something to add *chuckles* and I forgot to login before i posted my comment!

  23. Muscley men are icky. Especially the ones with the huge arms and chests whose chicken legs can’t bear the weight of their upper bodies. Talk about derr. I’ll take some pudge any day.

  24. You mean men AREN’T attracted to big busted. leggy women? Dammit. ; )~~Fab

  25. Hey Phil, haven’t read you in a while… and boy did I come at a bad time 🙂 I’m with Chelle and Natalia. Women do have it a little rougher. As a single woman, who only dates men 30 and over, I find myself now competing with 21 year old girls. Even sitcoms reflect that it’s acceptable for overweight funnymen to have the hot wives. When have you seen the opposite? Pretty rare. I will say that for women it’s a security issue, which sadly results in “can you take care of me financially?” Perhaps that is what we have to work on a bit, but for now, quit idealizing women, will ya, and have a brew! LOL

  26. Fancy Face- I believe men and women can and should be any shape they want and if you and hubby are happy with each other then go ahead and get fat, get thin, or get triangular. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy.Sunny/Anonymous- I agree that we do it to ourselves, but I think we push ourselves to achieve that ideal loook because it’s what we see on TV and think the other sex finds attractive. Jmai- It would be nice if the media agreed with you so we’d all stop torturing ouselves.Fab- We are attracted to that, to a point, but it definitely isn’t high on my list of priorities.Blue Violet- Welcome back. It’s nice to see you again. I agree that regardless of what the media puts out there we need to lighten up on ourselves. Honestly, despite what you see on TV, I think it’s far more rare in real life that overweight funnymen have young, hot wives.

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