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I was at the supermarket last night browsing in the magazine/book aisle. In the aisle with me there’s a women on her cell phone with a 7 year old child. They’re trying to pick out a magazine for the little tyke. Here’s how the conversation went:

Mom: How about Games and Puzzles honey?
Child: No. I hate Games and Puzzles. I want this one. (Child is holding up a copy of Handgun Annual 2007)
Mom: No, I’m not spending that much on a gun magazine.

The child, obviously smarter than the parent, replied “So if it was cheaper you’d buy it?” (Insert your own punchline here)

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  1. …You yanks and your guns…Move to canada, we love peace, and dont shoot people for walking on our property.

  2. “Move to canada, we love peace, and dont shoot people for walking on our property.”But certain people go to schools/colleges and with a machine gun shoot at random! This is what happened today in Montreal where I live at one of our colleges. I’m still in shock.

  3. guns. grr. hate.

  4. I think since you’ve changed your settings to accommodate the Beta folks,the regular folks are having difficulty opening the comment link. Just a thought…Josie

  5. Yes, I live about 2 hours from where this happened my in-laws live within a couple of miles.I am still following the story here but it just frustrates me that some person feels he has the right to take innocent lives.I mean I do not want to see anyone die but you know if you are that misserable ( and cannot be bothered to try to find help and there are lots of people out there devoted to helping.) If you want to kill someone take yourself out and leave the innocent people alone.It sounds pretty devestating in montreal for sure.

  6. just an update to my comment..One shooter killed by police. Once innocent female killed. 11 injured and taken to hospital and of those 8 are in critical condition. Lets pray for them and for their families.

  7. “Only in America”, as we say down under :o)

  8. Princess- We have guns to keep the Canadians out.Heidi- Sadly I didn’t write this post in reference to what was going on at Dawson College, they both seemed to happen simultaneously. That’s the brilliance of me. Sometimes I’m offering social commentary without even realizing it.Say Rah! I agree.Josie- I haven’tr heard any problems yet and I logged in from outside blogger to comment just to test it.

  9. Quinn- Yes, I was following the story all afternoon yesterday. I guess my little piece sort of inadvertantly shows how some of these problems can start.Michelle- It didn’t happen in America, it happened in Canada. There’s a big difference. Just ask Princess.

  10. my dad used to read those gun magazines when I was a kid. Never could figure out how someone could be so fascinated by guns, they’d actually read magazines about them

  11. “It didn’t happen in America, it happened in Canada. There’s a big difference.”Well, to be pernickety, Canada is part of North America. Just as well I’m not pernickety.

  12. YOU are correct PHIL..absolutely it very well could be that this is how these things start.I do believe however, that most people that love guns also respect guns and understand them and are not the kind of people that would use them for such a purpose. Like martial arts those that learn the true art tend not to be the fighting kind of person. It is those that do not understand it seems that usually have the troubles.just my own observation.

  13. you know if this happened in good old kentucky, i would not be surprised about it at all…i see people walking down the roads all the time with a gun slung over their shoulder…apparently you can hunt anywhere these days. kids around here are playing with guns before they are potty trained.

  14. Bahahahaha! Kids.

  15. Regarding the comment by princess pessimism and her mythological view of Canada — she obviously missed the news out of Montreal yesterday.Fortunately, Heidi picked up on it.As a Canadian I get very tired of kneejerk anti-American BS by my compatriots.Cheers, Ian

  16. Just found your blog. Browsing through it, I’m rapidly becoming a fan…Oh, and get out of my head re the cell phone pod people.

  17. Mom shouldn’t be buying a 7 year old gun mags – or whatever she was doing.And the 7 yr old is clearly underspanked.

  18. Ha, I love that kid. How much is not too much to spend on a gun magazine for a 7-year old?

  19. Too true. I went on a road trip today to ohio, and the guy I was with was laughing about someone in another car…and I said “Dont let them see you laugh…they have guns here!!!”We laughed…But if thats what you have them for…its slowly starting to work.

  20. I wasn’t referring to that awful incident, i was referring to your post!

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