Just A Little Housekeeping

I added a few new names to my blogroll over the weekend. If your blog does not appear in my blogroll, but you would like it to, just give me a shout here. In all honesty, I’m just buying time right now because I didn’t have a new post ready for this morning. I’ll have a new, “regular” post later this evening. It will be the best, most shocking post ever, possibly revealing things about me that would surprise you.

8 responses to “Just A Little Housekeeping

  1. * shaking head and rolling eyes*….stooping to stalling tactics are you Phil???I think you just partied way too much this weekend and you haven’t quit regained your sea legs this morning LOL.

  2. *grins* yay I made the cut, go me *does happy dance* (if you back away slowly and quietly i may not notice you leave)

  3. Me too! *joins happy dance*

  4. With pictures? Although, I don’t think you have anything that could possibly shock me, I will check back for the post.

  5. Take it easy Phil! For pete’s sake, I just got here, I’m still learning… don’t astound me just yet! Just kidding. Fire away, it only makes me more likely to come back. Thanks for dropping by my blog, you’re welcome any time.

  6. LOL, i just noticed your quote! Too funny :o)

  7. Sounds good. Looking forward to the advertised post. Although after a “promo” like this, am wondering if we will be disappointed.

  8. Thanks for the link. You should register with Technorati, it gives you a list of all blogs which link to yours – makes interesting reading (if you’re a blog geek like me anyway)

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