A Blog Party Update

Thank you for all your additions to THE BLOG PARTY in your comments. I will be gradually adding them today. In the future, please E-MAIL me your additions to the story so I can add them with a seamless bit of transitional material if necessary. E-mailing me your additions to the story will allow me to add transitions from one person to the next and will make the next paragraph of the story a surprise to all but you. Once you’ve arrived at the party you can send me stories of you meeting other bloggers that those bloggers can then choose to play off of, or you can create events within the party. One person complained about the music in their comments. Keep in mind that this is a party with no timeline. The B-52’s are the opening act of what will likely be many bands. I just thought “Love Shack” would be a perfect opening song. How can you not dance to that?

If you’re just reading this, read the post below and you’ll know more about THE BLOG PARTY. After today THE BLOG PARTY will be it’s own freestanding entity with no further updates on this blog. If you’ve either written your introduction in the comments of the last post here, or e-mailed me your intro, head over to The Blog Party. You’re probably already in the story. Just read down from the top, it keeps getting longer as I add things. If you haven’t already, go join the party, it’s already started! (Have I given you enough links to click on?)

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  1. Interesting 🙂-N

  2. Sorry about that. I don’t read thoroughly sometimes!

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