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1. On Wednesday off the coast of Florida a stingray jumped into a boat and when the 81-year-old driver tried to remove it, the stingray stabbed him in the chest with his stinger. Between this incident and the Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin incident I think the stingrays are trying to tell us something. They’re pissed and they’re not going to take it anymore. From now on, if I run into a stingray anywhere I’m just handing over my wallet and running away. Forget Jason, Freddy, or Scream, the scariest costume this Halloween has to be a stingray.

2. Another Phil Law: From this day forward there should be a separate lane at the supermarket for anyone using coupons. Also, if you find yourself in line behind a coupon user and there is a problem with one of their coupons, you are legally entitled to fire off a warning shot to help speed the process along. Needless to say, I’m going to be wearing a flak jacket to the supermarket when this law takes effect because there’s always a problem with coupons. The person invariably has a cart full of groceries and 800 coupons, and there’s always one coupon where the person has bought the wrong size or number of product, they haven’t bought the item for which they have handed the cashier a coupon, or they insist they have a coupon but can’t seem to find it after an exhaustive 20 minute search of their change purse.

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  1. Did you know there are actually groups of people who collect and trade coupons? Organized. Groups. It’s incredibly bizarre.

  2. Hello my name is quinn…..and I am a coupon clipper.I must add however I always check my expirey dates and always make sure I have the correct size item etc.I save alot on groceries this way as I also tend to use my coupons when the item is also on sale.I live on an extremely tight budget and this allows us to be able pay for our kids extra cirricular activities …such as the karate and being able to travel to tournaments for them.You should be impressed by the resourcefullness of some people to stretch their hard earned dollars.And perhaps count your blessings that you are well enough off financially I guess, to not need feel the need to count your pennies.

  3. I love stingrays… 🙂 It’s sharks that scare me.But we all knew that anyway.-N

  4. Jazz- I think I’ve heard of that. Good for them. Not the most interesting obby, but whatever floats your boat is fine with me.Quinn- You misinterpret me. I have nothing against coupons or the people that use them. I was just saying that they should have their own line because they always slow things up when you have one item and you think you’re in the quick/ashort line and it turns out you’re behind a coupon clipper who has a problem with their coupon situation. Natalia- If you’re in good with the stingrays would you mind asking them why they’re so angry lately?

  5. Oh my god…another stingray death. Scary.Im not a cupon clipper….never have been, never will be

  6. <>Phil<>, is it too late to join the blog party? I will click on one of the many links to see where it’s at right now.<>Stingrays<>, on a whole, should be placed on the list of most dangerous sea creatures ever existing. What gives with their sudden distemper?<>Over here in the tropics<>, we don’t have to stand in the same line with coupon holders simply because the coupon system does not exist here. There is one supermarket that offers gift stamps which you can collect up to a certain value and then trade in for goods. It happens so infrequently that no one is inconvenienced in the longer run.Have a good weekend :}

  7. okeee dokeeee…..( I tend to missinterpret alot of things I read LOL ,,,,,don’t hold it against me k.)see round here we have no such thing as a quick line..cause the darn grocery stores, even though they will have 10 cash register lines..they will only open up maybe 4 and unless the line ups have more than 10 people already waiting ..they wont open another one..so …from my point of view…..it would be the grocery store management that keeps you slowed down more than a coupon clipper.As they never have enough open cashes.

  8. Down here in Texas, we can’t seem to say anything right. When I was growing up, we called them Stingarees. I’ve seen a few dead ones on the beaches, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen a live one. If I had, I guess I would remember. 🙂

  9. Please, please add to the law that A) There shall be no double coupon day, and B) There shall be no “senior discount” day. And if I can’t have that, there should at least be C) those two can’t be combined. Aaaaarrrrggghhh!

  10. Princess- Yeah, in Canada you had better be scared about those stingray attacks. Shouldn’t you be worrying about polar bears?Belizegial- Aaah! How wonderful, a country without coupons. Belize truly is paradise! And yes, you can still contribute to The Blog Party. Quinn- Yes, that’s it. Let’s blame the man for puttin’ us down!Wanderinggirl- Did you forget my previous Phil Law about there being only certain hours that the elderly can be on the roads and in the supermarkets? I believe that and the special line for the coupon users should alleviate everyone’s frustration.

  11. Shark movies became “Jaws”, wonder what they will call the movies about stingrays that will now inevitably appear … “Stingers”, “Barbs”, “Pointy Bits” !!! Have a great weekend.Take care, Meow

  12. Hey now, don’t dis the coupons!As for the stingrays…isn’t it ironic that after Irwin was killed the media was jumping on how “rare” this was? Then a month later it happened again. erk.Love the random thoughts!

  13. Attila- As I told Quinn, I’m not dissing coupons. I just think coupon users are so special that they deserve their own lane at the supermarket!

  14. Phil – I wouldnt know. The closest polar bear is 2585 miles north of here. (I totally looked that up)

  15. There is a woman (I believe she lives in Canada) who gets her groceries free. When she’s going through the checkout, if the coded price does not match the shelf price, the product is free. The largest amount she has saved at one time is $1,000. She has been known to take three hours going through the checkout.I think I once got stuck behind her.

  16. it’s funny my friends and I were just talking about this incident with the sting rays. Our theory:One sting ray made it happen, and it gave them all hope that they could take over the human race.

  17. Wow – we had pretty much the exact same stingray-thought. Now -that’s- scary. lol:)

  18. Perhaps in that coupon lane could be the people who still write out checks?

  19. When I was in Puerta Vallarta I could see a stingray swimming back and forth across the cove every day. It wasn’t until I realized that the people on the beach looked like ants that I realized how large that thing was. I never went in the water. That thing must have been HUGE!

  20. Come to NZ Phil. We don’t really “do” coupons over here 🙂

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