It’s Election Day!

Only two years until my coronation as President. In celebration of that mark I’d like to introduce a new Phil Law. The new law is in regards to the quarterly State of The Union address and political ads. I believe that the Presidential State of The Union broadcasts should only be broadcast on one channel and never during the prime time viewing hours between 8:00 pm and 11:00 pm. With all the options available on cable television no one who doesn’t want to watch the broadcast does anyway, so why disrupt our favorite shows? That only serves to make us angrier at the President. To be fair to everyone the broadcast could take turns, rotate through the major networks. Also, for those that don’t have cable television, unless they just want to turn their t.v. off and spend the evening like Amish families, they’re stuck watching the President drone on. Of course when I am President you can bet that my State of The Union adresses will be a lot more entertaining than any previous President.

As for the time of the broadcast? Put it on during the evening news. That will be the next days top story anyway, so why not just make it that nights live news?

I also believe that political ads should not be aired during family shows or childrens shows. Our children will have enough time to learn that politicians aren’t trustworthy, why cram it down their throats every 8 minutes during Dancing With The Stars and Spongebob?

10 responses to “It’s Election Day!

  1. If it’s the elections for a new president..well I say it’s about time that you get rid of Bush..he’s nothing but trouble and he’s a very dangerous leader….

  2. The nice thing aboutliving on the West coast is that the State of the Union is early enough not to impact prime time.On that note, I shall begin to wade through the flood waters of downtown Seattle and get to work.

  3. Ugh…Preseidential speeches since George Bush took office have been both a drag, full of lies and empty promises and hilarious because THE MAN CANNOT SPEAK.I voeted at 8 AM today. *fingers crossed*-N

  4. i say political ANYTHING should ONLY be on <><>the politics channel<><>

  5. only one more hour and hopefully all this garbage will settle down for awhile!!! i bet i would be much more tolerant of politics if you were prez, phil. let’s test that theory, shall we?

  6. I agree…put the ads on when I don’t have to watch it. I’m so tired of Mud Slinging.

  7. I’m proud to say that I didn’t vote. If I can’t be an informed voter then I’m not gonna vote. Well, and I’m still registered to vote at my last address where I no longer live. I’m tired of the mudslinging. Why why why do people have to tear others apart to build themselves up? I wouldn’t vote for them just for that reason. Obviously they can’t come up with something good about themselves all by itself. Also, politics is corrupt and the only way to get elected is to have lots of disposable income. How do they get all that $$$? Maybe from their corrupt activities. Okay I’ll get off my soapbox

  8. The no political ads during “family” prime time is a great idea. As ugly as some of the commercials were this time, a prohibition like that is needed.

  9. It’s fascinating watching American elections from this side of the border. (Especially the 2000 presidential election…!) But Americans are very much like Canadians. We both vote “against” something rather than “for” something. So then we just end up with something negative again.

  10. That is a great idea…. And I agree…Tawnya

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