A Nice Thought

…”books, they offer one hope—that a whole universe might open up from between the covers, and falling into that new universe, one is saved.”
“Oh yes, I think so. I really do,” Aunt Queen responded almost gleefully. “It ought to be that way with people, and sometimes it is. Imagine—each new person an entire universe. Do you think we can allow that?…” –Anne Rice, Blackwood Farm

9 responses to “A Nice Thought

  1. I liked this.-N

  2. Hmm. Then how come most people you meet are so uninteresting?

  3. It’s true. I met someone recently who opened up a whole new universe for me. It was quite magical. My mother used to say that each person is their own universe. It’s very true.

  4. Some may be a whole universe worth exploring. Others are just black holes to avoid.

  5. I really like that thought. Books are awesome!!! Tawnya

  6. I used to read books to escape. I pretended that I was running along the creek with the characters…enjoying a life far different from my own.Lord, I still use books to escape.

  7. i love this!

  8. Lets have some fun and turn your question around..ok…Phil, what do you think????Whats your answer???

  9. My answer is that I believe each person is an entire fascinating universe if you take the time to look closely enough.

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