Random Phil Thoughts

1. It’s snowing here today. I hate that. Screw Al Gore. Global warming can’t come fast enough.

2. Why haven’t I been posting as often lately?

3. Why isn’t there a peanut butter flavored gum? Who wouldn’t love that?

4. Wash your new towels separately. You know how new towels won’t absorb a damn thing until you wash them once or twice? I bought new towels, washed them before using them. Unfortunately I washed them with a red blanket that had never been washed before either. I stepped out of the shower today, dried off, looked in the mirror and found my body covered in red fuzz. I thought I had had an allergic reaction to something. Wash your new towels separately.

5. Thank you to every one for you comments on my last post. I’m sorry I was too busy to get in responses over the weekend.

6. Will Phil be posting his hysterically funny annual Things I’m Thankful For post again this year? Yup. You can count on it Wednesday.

18 responses to “Random Phil Thoughts

  1. A little bit of George Clooney, a little bit of Martha Stewart, you are one hell of a man.Single?

  2. lmao!!! sorry, red fuzz visions, hey its better thanhaving a purple scalp.

  3. yeahhhhhh sure it was from the towels :X I TOLD you to stop molesting raggedy ann……or was it Clifford???????? ***ducking***

  4. My dad used to wear long johns in the cold weather to go fishing. My mother washed them together with his red parka. He was the only man on the fishing trip with pink long johns.

  5. I hate it when I get red fuzz. 🙂

  6. so, why HAVENT you been posting as much lately???

  7. I’m thankful for your laundry advice. Should I have saved that for the thanksgiving post?

  8. Come to Miami… no snow for miles (unless you count the cocaine).

  9. #4 made me laugh! Thanks for that 🙂

  10. Peanut butter gum… Hmm… Would that have chunks in it? ‘Cause then it might just be kinda gross…

  11. Hmmm I do love peanut butter….but not sure I’d like PB flavored gum….hmmmm. The towel thing was funny…..lol All that red fuzz….lol

  12. I love the first snow fall….Its pretty….I do not like the snow that gets all brown at the side of the road…Car exhaust snow.I love PB, but I do not think that I would be a fan of PB gum..

  13. Sipwine- Yes, I am one hell of a man. Thank youfor noticing. Please spread the word.Hageltoast- I like the funky new picture!Jessica- Raggedy Ann?!!? That little bitch won’t even return my calls or e-mails anymore. I’m finished with her.Josie- I do know enough to separate the darks and the lights. These were dark purple towels, so the red fuzz didn’t show up on them.

  14. Gary- Are you talking about your tongue after a night of drinking?Question Girl- Just to make my blog more valuable. It’s the law of supply and demand.Jmai- Lol! Hopefully you’ll agree with my Thanksgiving post too.dayngr- I would love to live in Florida despite the alligators, giant bugs, hurricanes, and sharks. It sounds wonderful.

  15. dzeni- Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was written especially with you in mind.ChooChoo- No chunks. Definitely smooth. Like me.Chelle- I need to sell my PB gum idea. I think you’d love it.Princess- I believe that PB gum would be a huge hit. “I’m an idea man Chuck.” – Billy Blazejowski

  16. so that means it was Clifford????? *grin*

  17. Mmmm, taking a trip on my motorcycle once I hit some bad weather wich had the following rewsult; Long johns and new jeans + rain = purple stained long johns. That is what you get for not washing new jeans too.

  18. Peanut butter flavored gum? Ugh. Phil…that’s just nasty.

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