I Have An Announcement To Make

I have been adopted by Brad and Angelina. Evidently, everyone will get a turn eventually. I had no idea it could happen, but apparently it’s like jury duty. You get a letter and the next day they show up and carry you off. There’s nothing you can do about it. I’m looking forward to breast feeding. I hope my new mommy and daddy let me continue blogging.

7 responses to “I Have An Announcement To Make

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  2. Is this seriously your post? LOL

  3. This is just filler until I write something real. I know what you mean Princess.

  4. Hey <>Phil<>,You’re such a cuute baby and your mommy and daddy are sure to allow you to blog. Just keep ’em laughing, like you always do, so that they can go on all the talk shows to tell the world about what a little genius blogger you are. lolEnid~

  5. Awww Phil…..your new adopted mommy is a skank!! hehe I hate to break it to ya. ANd your new adopted daddy?? He’s a loser….an adulterous loser. lol I know…this is big news……*sigh* don’t feel too bad about it!! lol 😉

  6. i am with the Jennifer Aniston camp sorry Phil. 🙂still love you though.

  7. Loved this! It was my smirk for the day.

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