Random Phil Stuff From an Interesting Weekend

I guess I got my wish in being named TIME Magazine’s “Person of The Year.” I don’t think the picture does me justice though. I’m not kidding when I say that I think someone at TIME read my blog and came up with this idea instead of using YouTube.

I went to a party Friday night with several people of varying degrees of sexual orientation. Well, I didn’t go with them, but found myself in their company at the party. They were a fun crowd. I also ate goose.

Something I wrote is in the sports section of my local paper today.

I coach a youth basketball team of 9 and 10 year olds. Last week after we had our first official game following a scrimmage the previous week, a parent e-mailed me to complain that her son wasn’t passed the ball enough. In yesterdays game her son got a defensive rebound turned, shot, and made a basket…IN THE OTHER TEAMS BASKET!!! I was tempted to e-mail her and say, “That’s why we don’t pass to your son,” but I didn’t.

The city I live in is mentioned very specifically in the classic holiday movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Unfortunately I’m not mentioned in the movie, yet.

9 responses to “Random Phil Stuff From an Interesting Weekend

  1. A holiday party with Christmas goose… that’s novel. Was it stringy?Poor little basketball kid. They’re only 10 years old, after all. Just be happy he made the basket!

  2. jmai- BTW, my next post wuill be a response to your tag!

  3. Ummmmm yeah….I am over Christmas I think.-N

  4. Regarding the basketball thing, you should know better than to coach that team! After all, no good deed goes unpunished 🙂 Seriously, good on you for getting involved / coaching kids Phil. As for “dodgy parents”, remember your “ignore, ignore, ignore” rule from a previous post. Better yet, get hold of < HREF="http://www.mailwasher.net" REL="nofollow">mailwasher<> and screen your email. You can bounce annoying emails back to the parent that sent them! They will think you did not get it and will actually have to talk to you to solve the problem!

  5. personally, i think it was a cop out move on time’s part

  6. Urrrghh, i can’t stand parents like those in your email.Goose? Iccck, was it gamey?

  7. If you’ve ever seen A christmas story, with those kids and the red rider bbgun (ive never seen it, but know of it)…it was filmed in my city.

  8. kids sports would do better without those annoying parents.

  9. so the plan for world domination is coming on well then?

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