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Yes, I’m still alive, but really busy. Until early May I may be posting inconsistently or recycling some classic posts. I’m sorry if that messes up anyone’s vacation plans. By the way, I just bought a refrigerator yesterday that’s easily big enough to put a body in if I remove the shelves. I’m just saying.

11 responses to “Some Phil News

  1. You wouldn’t have to take out the shelves if you cut up the body.

  2. Glad you are still live and kicking. On the fridge thing… Eww! (and double Eww if you follow jmai’s suggestion)

  3. Jmai’s right, you know.On the other hand, removing the shelves is less messy.

  4. I love getting new appliances.But really, don’t cut up the body or else your gonna have to clean blood when you remove the parts later. And no one enjoys blood cleaning.

  5. “The Phil Factor with Hoodia”Phil do u ship to Canada? 😉

  6. Human blood can be really messy … always shows up with those blue-light thingies the cops have !! Keep the body whole, and take out the shelves.Hope you are well, Phil.Take care, Meow

  7. I can think of a few people I would like to hide in that fridge of yours….

  8. LOL!! you’re ridic…Although, im fascinated by fridges in 2 ways.1. The word refrigerator does not have a “D”, but the word “fridge” does.2. If you climb inside, and close the door, thats it. You’re fucked…Why cant you open the door?? i dont get it, but i’m not willing to step inside to find out.s

  9. I wondered what happened to you.

  10. Hmmmph! So you are busy killing people and stashing their bodies? Is that it?ROTFL.-N

  11. Damn. Now what am I supposed to do with my time? *sigh*

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