Borat’s Got A Gun

That was the phrase whispered in my ear at the party I attended Saturday night. “Borat’s got a gun.” Sure enough, the birthday boy who resembled Borat was waving a gun around. The more horrifying part of the party was when I discovered that I’d accidentally eaten about 6 pieces of artichoke. It was in a dish called Artichokes French. They look like fried pieces of chicken and were in a lemony sauce. I’ll eat anything breaded and fried. Artichokes and Borat with a gun. Fortunately neither ended up killing me.

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  1. The, uh, NAME of the dish didn’t give it away?(and what’s wrong with artichokes, that’s what I want to know!)

  2. Well did they taste good before you knew what they were?What kind of plans do you have for your wife Mr. Phil? Tomorrow is Valentines!

  3. My grandma always said you could deep-fry a gumboot and it would taste good.I have a sneakin’ suspicion granny avoided artichokes…but me, I LOVE ’em.

  4. I am with you on the fried food.

  5. Waving a gun around? And you stayed long enough to sample the food?

  6. Why would someone be waving a gun around at a party? Were you chillin in the hood?What is the artichoke problem? Are they not good enough for Phil?

  7. ….this post looks SO familiar to me….You dont like atrichokes? You know, for the longest time, I didnt know what they were called in English, but only knew what they were called in Italian….there are a few other words that I dont know in English, but know them in Italian. I’m special like that.

  8. I’m ALSO interested in what kind of plans Phil would make for Valentines day…

  9. lol – truly frightening. You know, everyone made a lot of fun of Jessica Simpson when she couldn’t tell the difference between fish and chicken. I’m just sayin’

  10. Both are pretty disgusting LOL :o)

  11. how do you feel about celery?

  12. Dad why did you use my saying! that is not very nice. YOU ARE MEAN!

  13. Dad why did you use my saying! that is not very nice. YOU ARE MEAN!

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