"Where have you been? What were you doing?"

In a recent comment someone posed this question to me. While I was almost completely gone for three months, what was I doing? The one fellow blogger who was kind enough to e-mail to ask about my whereabouts, (yes, my one eyebrow is raised at the rest of you) hoped that I had been kidnapped by pirates because “pirates are cool.” Were it so simple as being kidnapped by the Dread Pirate Roberts I’d certainly be much happier with the events of the past 4 months and their effect upon my psyche. In a recent comment another blogger wondered if I’d actually been undercover as a spy. The truth itself lies somewhere in between those two possibilities and a little to the left. I’ve wrestled with my conscience about whether to tell the tale and what consequences the telling might have. Consequences that might affect me and several others. Being a writer, or at least dreaming that I might someday be one, I can’t resist the urge to tell a story that I hardly believe myself. As they used to say in the introduction to the old Dragnet show, (which I only watched in syndication as a very young child because I’m definitely not old enough to have seen the first time around) the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I will also blur some of the details a bit to protect, as they say, my own ass.

8 responses to “"Where have you been? What were you doing?"

  1. And here I am thinking that once I am done with the Ph.D., I want to start taking psych classes. You job seems really interesting to me. But I totally understand the whole writer thing. This is not making sense. But I am OK with that.-N

  2. Psyched! Will “stay tuned” then.

  3. Well I for one am ready to hear the story. How much will I believe? Well lets just say I did watch “Dragnet” on TV during the ’67-’70 run. So I will raise my jaundiced Jack Webb eyebrow and wait to hear the facts, sir, just the facts.

  4. Cool, I’m looking forward to the tale of Phil, America’s answer to James Bond….

  5. I gather it was a rough 4 months, then(?). Was good to ‘see’ you 🙂ps. I love ‘the Princess Bride’. Good on you for managing to include a reference to it!

  6. Well it’s about time you showed up again! All the energy I wasted in useless clicks on your blog and never anything new.Looking forward to the tale and to more Dragnet references.Welcome back (hopefully)

  7. look forward to hearing the story. 🙂

  8. Give us the story Phil! but let us decide on the ending.

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