Janie’s Got A Gun

Ok, it wasn’t Janie, but it was a strange man who walked right through the front yard of my cottage carrying a rifle. Yup, calm as you please he walked right by my window with a gun while I was eating dinner. I thought he might be the guy from two cottages down, but I wasn’t sure. He and his companion were headed that way. So of course I put down my fork (I should have kept it, at least I’d have had some kind of weapon) and did I do what any right thinking person with common sense would do? Did I call the police to report that there was a man with a gun walking around? No, of course not. If I did that I wouldn’t be me! I put down my fork and walked right out my door to follow him and ask what he was doing walking around brandishing a weapon when I have children that play outside here.

So I caught up to him and confronted him with exactly that question. Needless to say, I felt naked without my fork.

9 responses to “Janie’s Got A Gun

  1. what? You didn’t even take a spoon?

  2. glad you’re still here to write this post. apparently you don’t live in D.C.

  3. Hagel- Nope, no spoon. I did have a steak knife, but Ileft that behind too. I figured walking up to someone carrying a utensil would more than likely get me shot.Heiress- It’s nice to meet you. Yes, I survived, and the rest of the story had a pretty anti-climactic ending. I suppose in D.C. it might have had a different ending. Thankas for stopping by!

  4. I am a spatula girl myself.-N

  5. carrying the flag for common sense. good on you Phil!

  6. i prefer to use my high heelsi hope he wasn’t hunting humans

  7. Nat- You are absolutely right about spatulas. They can be very useful in a variety of situations.Justine- I think I was lacking common sense in this situation, but obviously, I wasn’t shot, so it worked out OK.Question Girl- It’s nice to see you back here in my comments.

  8. So, what was his answer ?? Why was he walking around with a gun ??Next time, Phil, make sure you are packing at least a toothpick (you could poke it in his eyes) !!Have a great weekend.Take care, Meow

  9. okay and now guns…. what the hell goes on in your part of the world??? the more I go back in the world of phil the scarier it gets!

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