"You’re a Hottie"

So I was on my way to a dentist appointment. I got out of my car in the busy parking lot of a medical complex that contained several small buildings housing a variety of doctors offices. As I began to cross the lot a van slowed down and the drivers side window was descending. I assumed it was just someone stopping to ask what building a particular doctor was in. The van slowed as it approached me and I slowed my walk, preparing to give helpful directions because that’s just the kind of good samaritan I am. The window rolled all the way down and I saw that the driver appeared to be a woman of about 50 maybe. I make eye contact, thinking I’m about to field a question for directions. She looks me straight in the eye and says, “You’re a hottie.” So I ask for her phone number and after my appointment we went to her house and made mad monkey love on the dining room floor. No! Are you kidding?!!? That was gross! She then drove off without another word. I’m not sure why, but I immediately felt queasy. I suppose this is how very young women feel when some creepy old guy hits on them. Although she is obviously an incredibly bright and perceptive woman, it still creeped me out. Normally, from someone younger I’d accept the compliment and it might put a smile on my face for the rest of the day. I definitely didn’t smile as I walked away as quickly as I could. If she thought I was a hottie then though, she should have seen me after I got my teeth cleaned. Now we’re talkin’ hot! And no, there were not any psychiatric offices in that office complex.

14 responses to “"You’re a Hottie"

  1. Now you know how girls feel.I was walking out of the grocery store when a random guy walks by and says, “Baby you fine…” ugh.

  2. At least she didn’t ask you if you knew you were a hottie. You got off easy. No pun intended there.-N

  3. Yes Lindsey and Natalia, The lesson is that I do know how girls feel when they get unwanted or lewd compliments. My question is, are all random compliments unwanted by women, or only the ones from the gross guys? not that I have anything to worry about because I don’t go about randomly complimenting women and hopefully, I’m not a gross guy.

  4. a double standard it may be, but yeah… only the creeps are offensive.

  5. “compliments”, whether from handsome, cute or dud type men still fall off me as either insincere or part of an unspoken barter system ( if i say this, then maybe later i’ll get some of that)..unless it comes out of a genuine feeling to share a thought.but that’s just me.and now i totally can’t do your suggested part two blog post on you being a hottie. damn.

  6. Sarah, I’m with you. I think I have the double standard as well.McKay- LOL! You are too funny. By my double standard, you are welcome to call me a hottie anytime you want.

  7. hottie.

  8. Hmmm, getting hit on by older women !! Lucky you.Hope you recovered.Have a great week.Take care, Meow

  9. I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing (I’m Latina), but I love compliments if they are respectful and not of the sleazy variety (i.e. sszzsszz huy mami, ven aqui…). It’s all about the delivery.

  10. It all depends on the delivery and the person it’s coming from. The same comment from two different people can either put a smile on your face or creep you out completely.

  11. I side with el capitan Sarah.

  12. Yup, it’s creepy. The delivery can help slightly, but still….Good thing it’s true! Otherwise she’d be creepy AND near sighted.

  13. What younger girls tell you you’re a hottie??? LOL!!!

  14. thank your lucky stars she wasn’t the type to drag you into the van! lol! 😉

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