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I just recently completed my first full-fledged attempt at a novel. If you’ve previously read and enjoyed my Golden Boys stories, you’ll love this. I took the four characters from my Golden Boys stories and put them in a murder mystery plot, but with their same idiotic behavior. Does anyone know someone in the publishing industry or who is a literary agent? I have very little idea of how to get this thing from my hands to becoming a full-fledged on your bookstore shelves novel. Any leads you have would certainly be appreciated. Feel free to e-mail me with suggestions if you have any.

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  1. Holy shit…its finished??? Thats awesome. Theres a spot on my bookshelf for when you get yourself published…

  2. There’s a spot on MY bookshelf, too.Sadly, I have no pertinent info on what to do about it.Kimber at wolfgrrl is a published author…perhaps you can pick her brain?

  3. Princess and Tai:Thanks for saving shelf space for me. I’ll definitely look up Kimber and ask her advice.

  4. Hello new blogging friend. Congrats! Get thee to a bookstore and buy Jeff Herman’s Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents 2007 guide to start. Then check out and study Miss Snarks archives on querying. Kristin Nelson’s blog has great info on it too. The agent search is rather like seeking the Loch Ness Monster. You know they’re out there, but damn hard to find! 🙂KS

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  6. take two:i know zero about publishing, but i do know how to network. here’s a link to neil’s ‘citizen of the month’ blog. this post is about attending a book signing thing by fellow blogger, turned author. can follow his link to crazy aunt purl’s page. my guess is many of her posts will be about how she went from a blogger to published author…and i bet her agent/publisher likes blogger/authors. just a hunch.can’t wait to read it. i better get a signed copy!

  7. I’m still proud of you for taking it all the way through. HUGE accomplishment Phil.

  8. Congratulations Phil. Looking forward to reading the novel.

  9. You did it! Hooray! I can’t wait for the booksigning!

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