A Couple Random Things

I still have a pulse. If you ever thought of e-mailing me, I’m changing the e-mail for this blog to im_fill@yahoo.com The old e-mail was just too full of spam and I was losing e-mails that I wanted. Also, if you fly and you’re not in first class, when you check in ask if you can sit in the emergency exit row. They often don’t fill it until last, and many times you might have it to yourself. The emergency exit row also has about double the leg room. Some call it the poor man’s first class. I don’t care. I’ve done it a few times and there’s nothing better than having three seats to yourself to stretch out on during a long flight.

3 responses to “A Couple Random Things

  1. but then you have to <>help<> people in case of emergency. lame. i always make sure to nab an aisle seat. fortunately i’m short so that pretty much gives me all the leg room [and personal space!] i need.

  2. most airlines charge for those rows now too.

  3. yeah but the seats are non-reclining because of it.

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