When in Rome…

When in Rome…don’t plan on finding any parking, or riding in a car bigger than a clown car. Wow, I hadn’t realized that it’s been 5 weeks since I’ve blogged. Then again, no one visits here anymore, so why blog? If a blogger writes in the forest and there’s no one there to here it…Then again I probably wouldn’t get Wi-Fi out in the woods. Wait…I’m hearing a voice from my cornfield. Ok, I don’t have a corn field, I think it’s coming from my bag of candy corn. That can’t be good. What’s the voice saying….shhhh…I can’t hear….”Phil…if you blog it they will come” What?!!? “If you blog it they will come.” Blog what? Who the hell are you and why are you in my candy corn? “Phil…don’t be an idiot. Just write the fucking blog.” Well, I guess it can be much clearer than that, so I’ll keep writing. I hope the candy corn voice tells someone to leave a comment.

Since my last post I went to Rome, Italy. I have to specify that because here in New York there’s a small city called Rome also and everytime I told someone I was going to Rome they said “Italy?” There is absolutely no reason to go to Rome, NY, unless that’s the closest parking spot you can find to your hotel in Rome, Italy. Rome was a city built without parking. There isn’t a parking lot to be found. Sure, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a piazza or a 1000 year old cathedral, but parking? Forget it. Everyone there either drives something like a smart car, or a vespa type cycle. And they just about stack them to park. You know what would be great? If someone turned the Roman Coliseum into a parking garage. In the words of Billy Fucillo, that place is HUUUUUGE! It used to seat 300,000. Put a multi-level garage inside that thing and run a shuttle bus downtown every 20 minutes and you’d be richer than the pope.

5 responses to “When in Rome…

  1. Rome would be way cool. I haven’t been to Italy yet but I definitely hope I can go there someday.


  2. i visit! glad you’re back, phil. and way jealous of italy. good for you! 🙂


  3. My Wheaties whispered to me this morning, “Phil is blogging.” Always listen to the voices.Rome would be cool. Either NY or Italy. Anywhere but South Dakota.


  4. I’m just surprised there’s not a McDonalds or Starbucks inside the Coliseum or St Peter’s yet.


  5. HAHAHA…i heard a similar voice. But mine was Ms. A’s threatening to delete me from the blog roll…Whoever’s voice it was, im glad you heard it… :o)Rome’s full of clown cars eh? Thats creepy and intriguing all at the same time


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