The Thoughtless Post

Hi everyone, or at least the few of you checking in to see if I still have a pulse. I was going to re-post a re-run from a couple years ago, but I couldn’t delete all the comments. So I’ll just throw a random stream of thoughts at you. If any of you remember my Golden Boys series, I’d like to give a big CONGRATS to Golden Boy Gooby who just had his first child a few days ago. His stretch marks are going to be killer though. Hopefully I won’t be the creepy old uncle.

I had a nice weekend, and the unseasonably warm weather in the northeast is great, but I’m still dejected about the end of summer. Over the weekend I was in a store and they were selling Christmas decorations already. The mix of the display of demonic pirates right next to the inflatable manger scene just seemed wrong. Screw the economy, I want to see congress working on a law that forbids a store from advertising for one holiday before the previous one has concluded.

Happy belated Yom Kippur to all my Jewish friends. Hope your atonement went well. I for one have nothing to atone for, well, except for this post.

2 responses to “The Thoughtless Post

  1. I KNOW! I was in the dollar store about a MONTH ago, and there were already christmas decorations for sale…I was like WTF is going on here???It was so unsettling considering it was september. BOOO to pushing a holiday that people dont like. I suppose though, its bargaining strategies for the churchies who thinkt hat Halloween is the holiday of Satan, to have those decoratiosn across from the holiday associated with Jesus. Its a slap in the face isnt it? LOLAS WELL…I wont even get INTO how Christmas is a holiday that was stolen from pagan tradition *just like Halloween is pagan tradition*, because the churchies dont like knowing that the most sacred holidady in the faith came from a disbelief in Jesus. HAHAHAHAGet rid of the word verification already….

  2. No way on the word verification. If it’s not there I get spam messages.

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