Apparently I have just figured out how to blog from my cell phone. It is not good for two specific reasons. 1) If you have followed my blog for any amount of time you are well aware of my ongoing rant against “cell phone people.” I now am apparently becoming a member of their cult as I have also learned to Facebook from my phone as well. More evidence that my brain has turned to mush is the fact that I am using words like ‘blog’ and ‘Facebook’ as verbs. 2) This is also a bad development because no matter where I am or what I am doing I know have the ability to post my thoughts immediately, uncensored here online almost as soon as I have them. That will at some point in the future probably result in my involuntary commitment to an institution.

3 responses to “THIS IS NOT GOOD

  1. Karma Baby, Karma. LOL

  2. Is there anything you can’t do from a phone?Nevermind. Don’t answer that.

  3. On the bright side, this means you’ll be posting more regularly which is a good thing – since your posts invariably make me laugh (in a good way). Welcome to the dark side 🙂

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