I’m on a Mexican Radio…!

I’m not really on a Mexican radio. That was just the first musical reference that came to mind on the subject of radio. As a function of my job I drive from place to place quite a bit. I have satellite radio which I enjoy very much. I enjoy both music and sports talk radio. Part of the reason I pay for satellite radio in my car is because I absolutely DESPISE radio commercials. You get an idea of how much I despise radio commercials by the fact that I took the time to italicize and bold the word. On the music stations there are no commercials and I love it. Unfortunaly the sports talk radio is syndicated and thus has commercials. Unfortunately it only seems to have three commercials which seem to be played back to back to back every break. The first is for …ahem…”male enhancement.” Every single commercial on this subject is almost identical. The one I heard yesterday had a supposed “man on the street” type interview format where apparently random women on the street were shown before and after pictures of the anatomy of men who had used this product. Women responded with superlatives and requests for the phone number of the photo subjects. How many of you would respond like that? If they really were able to get a few women to give those ‘sincere’ responses it must have taken hundreds of attempts to make the commercial. I want to hear the outtakes of the times the interviewer was maced, arrested or kicked in the groin. That would be good radio. The second type of commercial is the predictable “you can buy cheap viagra over the internet…” The third type is the one that just makes me change the station immediately. It starts “Hey guys! Did you know that at any time you may have 5 to 25 pounds of waste lining your colon walls like spackle or paste?” Not only didn’t I know that, I didn’t want to, and now it’s too late. I can’t get that phase out of my head: “5-25 pounds” and “spackle or paste.” I could lose my lunch just hearing that. I’m not going to mention the company here because I’m hoping they will go out of business and take their commercials with them.

And if anyone can name the band that sang the song this post is titled after WITHOUT looking it up you win 10 Phil bucks good for use at the Phil Factor giftshop.

3 responses to “I’m on a Mexican Radio…!

  1. And I thought the radio commercials on the station I listen to were a threat to my sanity. Your experience takes “bad ads” to a totally new level. All I can say at this point is CD’s / ipods and even those old tapes / cassettes are a great thing!

  2. I do love my ipod and my satellite radio, so my music listening is rarely interrupted by commercials, but unfortunately I’m also a huge sports fan and apparently there are guys out there buying these products otherwise there wouldn’t be ads I suppose.

  3. I feel your pain. I can’t stand listening to the radio because of the manic DJ’s and the commercials. It’s why I never turn my radio on while in the car; it’s CD’s or nothing for me. One of the first things I did when I bought a Hyundai Elantra last spring was to take the antenna off.

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