Seeking SWF

Wanted: Single white female. I’m a charming, handsome man appearing to be in my early twenties. I love nights out on the town with my favorite gal, but also prefer the solitude of somewhere quiet to spend some quality one on one time. Like most men I’m flawed, but I make up for that with my passion and taste for life. I’m a hopeless romantic and I promise that with me you will soar to places you previously thought were impossible. I also might kill you at any moment in a fit of tempestuous rage or passion. I’ve killed all my previous girlfriends, but trust me, you’re special. But please overlook that, nobody’s perfect right?

Sincerely, Edward

Would any woman really respond to this ad if it were real? Why are so many women just nuts over Twilight? I’m pretty damn sure that if I had a girlfriend and I found out she was a serial killer that had murdered all of her previous boyfriends that I might find some way to end the relationship: “Really, it’s not you, it’s me. As tempting as it is to risk death every day, I just have too much on my plate right now and a lot of baggage from my previous relationship. It wouldn’t be fair to you. Feel free to look me up on Myspace or Facebook though.” And you can bet your ass I’d send that by text message. You know with a vampire you couldn’t really fake your own death to get out of it because they’d only find that to be a big turn on. I suppose this is just another case where chicks totally dig the bad boy.

7 responses to “Seeking SWF

  1. Women always want the bad guy. Especially if <>he<> can’t resist <>her<>.

  2. Aaah…but that’s where you’re wrong. Women rarely want a guy that wants them so easily.

  3. What Women Want…does anyone really know?What’s that tattoo Angelina Jolie has on her arm (the words that replace Billy Bob)? “What nourishes me also destroys me”…or something like that. So true.

  4. Ok Yes, I am a twilight freak. :o) Read the books many times over and yes…again. i LOVE Edward.It’s not really so much about him being a vampire. She started falling for him before that. It was the ‘mysterious bad boy’ complex. They’re intriguing. (Typical, I know.) Then for us readers…once you get into the story, a lot of it is b/c he loves her SO much…he’s so protective of her. Totally masculine, Alpha male. As women, we like that feeling, of being protected by a big strong man. I know it all sounds cliche’ but it’s the truth. Ask the ladies. :o) P.S. Nice pic on the zip line. I totally want to do that.

  5. Twilight is one of the worst books to be published in the last ten years. The writing is awful, the author is really just writing her long-ass love letter to her main character and the message that it sends to young girls is that there is absolutely nothing more to life than a guy. And if he breaks up with you, you might as well just go catatonic and give up living, because nothing else matters. HATEHATEHATEHATE. That doesn’t even go into the abusive storylines later on in the series.

  6. dmh- your comment is amazing to me because you’re the first woman I’ve heard criticize Twilight. What do you mean that men aren’t the be all, end all of a woman’s existence? What’s wrong with that? If only I could find a woman who felt about me the way Bella feels about Edward…LOL, j/k. Never read the book

  7. Phil, I know lots of women who hate it.

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