Golden Boy Flip

Yes, I’m Flip. The story behind my nickname is no story at all. If you say my first name, Philip, really fast, it sounds like you’re saying Flip. At least I think that’s the story. It’s entirely possible that they have another reason for calling me that and I have no idea. We all respond to our nicknames as if they’re our real names when we’re with each other, and it would sound strange if any of us referred to the other by our given name. Do you think it’s time to change my blog name to ‘The Flip Factor’? Nah, just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same.

It will be hard for me to come up with some funny stories to sort of capture me in a snapshot as I did the others. I’m sure there are stories the others could tell you that are very funny, but I may not remember them because I was probably drunk at the time. I’m not saying I drink a lot, it’s just that we’re all usually getting drunk when we’re together. I’m sure that I have often been a source of endless amusement for my friends. In the late 80’s I had a pair of parachute pants that I’m sure the rest of The Golden Boys are still laughing about. Believe me, I had the ass to pull off that look. Still do if you frankly. When I first posted this post I had included an embarrassing picture of myself from that time in my life when I did love my parachute pants, but later I impulsively deleted it out of embarrassment. Trust me though, there are plenty of pictures of The Golden Boys coming soon.

Like I said, it’s hard for me to think of what’s funny about me, although after reading my blog for awhile I’m sure you have your ideas. Oh yeah, I’m also easily the best looking of all of us. Then again, that’s like being the most smartest member of the Bush family. Who can choose? In the coming days I’ll share some stories that tell you about what happens when you mix a lot of beer and four men who have never grown up. And thank you again for allowing me to indulge in my little trip down memory lane. Remember the movie previews for The Hangover? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they stole my stories.

9 responses to “Golden Boy Flip

  1. Do any men ever grow up? 🙂

  2. The real secret is that inside, women don't grow up either. Some men do grow up, but they're boring as hell.

  3. Well, I know I haven't. And yea, maintaining some amount of child-like thinking is a good thing… life would be boring otherwise.

  4. Thank you! Now my curiousity is satisfied. 😉

  5. I'm only momentarily satisfied. Love the nickname, though! I can't wait for more of The Golden Boys stories.

  6. I have a horrendous nickname that's followed me through my life, thanks to my mom's severe amusement around it.

    I need to write about that…

  7. How could you tease us like this?? Sure, you give us the name (and I thank you for sharing it with us!), but where's the pic of the parachute pants?? Come on!! It's just us here!!! 😉

  8. By the sound of those pants your nickname could have been a hell of a lot worse!

    I know I've become more and more immature as the years have passed. I blame my kids.

    Looking forward to more stories and photos too. 🙂

  9. I really would love to see just how good your ass looks in those sweet, sweet parachute pants Phil. In fact, I'm willing to bargain. I'll post THE worst photo of me (from 1989, braces and all) if you post that photo. Whaddya say?

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