The Nipple Ring Open

The title got your attention didn’t it? The Nipple Ring Open was the first of the official Golden Boy weekend functions. We were all out of college and Chuck had gone off to the Navy. He was back for a week after boot camp and of course could think of nothing better do to than to spend time with The Golden Boys. As I said in Chuck’s write up, The Golden Boys were, I believe, more responsible for raising him to be the man he became than his own family was. Apparently we did a very poor job of instilling our values in him. He runs off to join the Navy and comes home with…a nipple ring.

As his mentors and role models you can imagine how disappointed in him we were. Of course you can also imagine how much abuse we heaped upon him, including a fair bit of painful tugging on his ring. The Nipple Ring Open was an informal golf tournament we played amongst ourselves and videotaped a large part of our idiocy. Sadly, I have yet to figure out how to post our own vidoes here. Maybe next year. I’m not sure if Chuck still has the nipple ring, but I wouldn’t bet against it. About 10 years later we had the 10th Anniversary Nipple Ring Open and we all wore matching shirts that we had specially made which said, “The Golden Boys: Nipple Ring Open 2000.” We only realized later, as we all sat in McDonald’s in our matching Nipple Ring shirts, how gay we must have looked.

The sun was hot, the beer was cold, and the golf was bad. Prior to the Nipple Ring Open 2000 we all spent a fair amount of time drinking and putting on temporary tattoos. The picture above is from 4 years ago. (me, Tom, Gooby) The picture below is Gooby, Auxilliary Golden Boy Ozzy, and me prior to the 2000 Nipple Ring Open. As you can see, I was a little more conservative than the others in my tattoo placement. Then again, the choice of temporary tattoos that year was intended to mock me because I’ve got a real tattoo somewhere you can’t see.

8 responses to “The Nipple Ring Open

  1. Now this is more like it…only once again, you tease us! Show us your tattoo!!

  2. Gay indeed. How manly you must have thought you looked at the time. That's hysterical. As for you Scarlet – calm down girl.

  3. I'm with Scarlet. I've already shown you mine….

  4. Thank you for NOT showing bits like these two did. That's some flesh I didn't need to see.

  5. PS I've already shown you both of mine, too, so ante up 😉

  6. Ha ha! You have a tattoo on your ASS?! Sweet.

  7. Wow fake tattoos! Wild and crazy!

  8. I have a tattoo on my butt. So does that mean we have something in common?

    Oh and I'm not showing mine!

    Not that anyone asked to see it of course.

    Great story!

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