One Golden Boy Short

I’m sure all of you are wondering what we do when one of our Golden Boys is missing from one of our functions. That’s easy. We replace him. There are two ways we replace a Golden Boy. One is with our back-up Golden Boy, Ozzy. (No, not the singer, but another of our friends with a nickname. He’s the one with the hip tattoo in the post below) The other way we replace a Golden Boy is with a cardboard cut-out. Gooby is very technically inclined and using pictures of me from 8th grade and one from high school graduation he created two life size card board cut-outs of my head and shoulders. By all reports my card board cut-outs have had a lot more fun than I have on some Golden Boy weekends. I was unable to travel to Connecticut for Chuck’s wedding, but if you watch Chuck’s wedding video there I am, from the shoulders up, dancing with bridesmaids, sitting at the head table and hanging out at the bar. The pics in this post are actually freeze frame images taken from Chuck’s wedding video. Needless to say that Mrs. Chuck was none too pleased with the prominence of my cardboard participation. I apparently have also met a lot of women online through Gooby’s web cam.

8 responses to “One Golden Boy Short

  1. HAHA! That's awesome. Those are quite amazing friends you have.

  2. Love it! What creative friends you have!

    I need one of those cutouts and then I wouldn't have to go to any social events at all!

  3. That is completely awesome!

  4. i LOVE it!

  5. That's hilarious 😉

  6. “I apparently have also met a lot of women online through Gooby's web cam.”


    I might have to start doing the cardboard cut-out thing with my best friend. Even if she's there. 😉

  7. This is my favorite recycled Golden Boy's post!

  8. Yeah, I'm gonna have to admit that this is pretty damn funny.

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