"I Love the Change of Seasons"

The picture here was my Saturday night. It is how I wish every evening could be spent. Sitting outside on a warm summer night. I know that most of you “love the change of seasons,” but I’m not one of those. To me and the rest of the United States, Labor Day symbolizes the end of summer. To some this means changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and cocooning with family. To me the end of summer means shorter days, fewer opportunties to enjoy the outdoors, and work. Lots of it. And also since it’s colder it Fall means I have to wear more clothes. With a body like mine, why cover it up?

Yeah, the leaves changing color are pretty, until my lawn is three inches deep in them and I’m speding two days filling over a dozen leaf bags. Then there’s that whole winter thing. Some have espoused the virtues of fires in the fireplace, cuddling, snow angels, and snuggling. Or…you could see bitter cold, shoveling feet of snow from the driveway just so you can leave the house. Layers of clothes, specific footwear, and hats which just totally ruin my hair for the day.

I like sunshine and warmth. I don’t have to shovel sunshine or scrape it off the windows of my car every time I just want to run to the corner store. Sunshine and warmth doesn’t require a special wardrobe. Sunshine and warmth doesn’t knock out my power for hours. This being the case, I dress for success. You know how they always tell you to dress not for the job you have but the job you want? I dress for the weather I want. It is usually deep into winter before I finally acknowledge the season has beaten me once again and I finally begin wearing a warmer coat. I don’t cave on the hat however. Nothing messes with the ‘do. Enjoy your change of seasons, but I plan to ignore it in hopes that it will go away. I don’t mean to sound like a seasonal Scrooge, but in the Northeast where I live summer is so fleeting I don’t want to let it go.

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  1. Two words Phil “New Zealand”! Its *almost* summer here and the days are getting longer. And we have a *free* (as in tax payer funded) health system that works well for most people most of the time. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  2. Amen to that.

    We are in the process of looking into buying a house in Scottsdale, Arizona so that we can escape the UK bleak, grey winters.

    There again our summers aren't that great either! I love the sun.

  3. i like early fall. that's it. we have the absolute worst of all seasons here and they can all suck it except fall. i will be happy for about three weeks near the end of the month.

  4. I'm with you, Phil! I would like nothing better than constant sunshine and comfortable 75 degree days. The picture is beautiful.

  5. Sorry but you can't stomp in puddles when its sunny. Or shove leaves full of bugs down someones shirt.

    I like to name the first leaf I catch every year as it falls out of a tree. I wonder whatI'll call this year's?

  6. I grew up in So. Cal without a whole lot of this 'change of seasons' that you speak of. Then I moved East and found that Winter kind of sucks unless you're snowboarding (or skiing). Now, I'm in summer all year long land and I'm thinking I'm with you. I like the sunshine.

  7. AMEN! I'm so not ready for the New England winter that is now right around the corner.

    I hate snow. I hate the cold. I hate bulky coats. I hate winter, period.

    Really, I should have been born in Arizona or something.

  8. With you on the hats ruining hair. I've only had to wear them once or twice here, but when I lived in NY, it was an almost-daily winter complaint. However, if I dressed for the weather I wanted, come January, my nipples would freeze and fall off. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  9. I wish I could relate. I WISH I had a REAL fall and a REAL winter again. I'd be the one to make snow angels and invite everyone over for red wine. 🙂

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