Doppelganger: German for “double walker”, a shadow self that is thought to accompany every person. Some believe that only someone who knows the original person can also see the Doppelganger. Still others subscribe to the “evil twin” theory that doppelgangers behave in a manner directly opposite to the original person.

As of this writing, the world population is roughly 6,783,648,144. Is it possible that somewhere out there is another carbon copy of each of us? Are they living a parallel life somewhere else? Or, if each of us has both male and female genes, could we have a doppelganger of the opposite sex? Do we ever meet or see our own doppelganger? If we did and they were the opposite sex, would we be attracted to them? Would they be our “soul mate”? Or would it be more of a brother/sister feeling?

If the “evil twin” theory holds true, what do we do, knowing that the more good we do in life, the more evil our doppelganger will perpetrate? If we save a life, our doppelganger would take a life. If you met your evil twin, what would you do if you knew they were evil? If your evil twin is bent on destroying you, could you kill your own doppelganger? Would doing so destroy you both? Do we need a doppelganger? A balance? A cosmic yin and yang that makes the world go round?

How do we know that we are actually not the doppelganger? The shadow self for someone else? Could you be the evil twin and not know it?

This whole thing gives me a serious novel idea. I got dibs, so don’t even think about it. And if I did have a female doppelganger, you know she would be really hot.

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  1. I plan to book taxis for my evil twin, arriving outside his house and honking every 20 minutes from midnight through to six in the morning.

    That should scupper him and leave me free to do good with a clear conscience.

  2. But, how weird would it be to hook up with your female doppleganger?

    This does sound like an interesting book idea! Particularly this idea that the more good you do the more evil your doppleganger does… somewhere off in the world somewhere.

  3. As an adopted person there probably are some people out there that are just like me. Poor sods. I could even be a twin for all I know.

    I'm kinda not convinced by the whole doppleganger thing, but what do I know, I'm convinced our house has a ghost.

  4. So I'm going to assume that I'm the good (and hot) female version of some very tall, slightly naughty guy with a dark soul? So, when I feed 100 people at a soup kitchen does he steal 100 lollipops from small children?

    LOVE the idea. Intriguing. I promise to leave it alone. Promise. Not that I won't think about it or anything…

  5. I think most children have dopplegangers readily available. It's the only explanation (outside of alien abduction) for the complete flip from Angel of the Month to Spawn of Satan.

  6. I think I *am* the evil twin.

  7. how about doggleganger? i think someone switched out my naughty boy dog and left a sweet cuddlebug in his place.

  8. Deep Thoughs, by Phil Handy

    The concept is definitely intriguing and I would be happy to read your book, but I don't believe Dopplegangers actually exisit. I'm boring like that.

  9. For some reason when I saw the title I just kept thinking dingleberry. Go figure.

  10. i met my female doppleganger today during lunch and she didthe things i thought of but didnt want to say 2 or 3 times

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