No Shirt, No Shoes, No Congressman

C’mon Chris Lee! Seriously? You were a U.S. Congressman! Seems like a pretty good job to me. I always thought that job might take some sort of intelligence. Apparently it’s not a requirement. Then again, Congress still calls their vacations “recess,” so I guess it’s no surprise when one of you acts like a child. Shirtless pics on craigslist? Really? What are you 17 years old? Or was your girlfriend? Didn’t your girlfriend have a MySpace acct. you could have hit her up on? 46 years old and you told her you were 39? Seriously? Were you looking at the same picture the rest of us were? You’re in good shape for your age, but 39?!!? Moron. It’s no wonder she blew you in to the press. You didn’t think anyone on craigslist would know what their congressman would look like? Maybe next time, and I’m guessing there will be a next time since Mrs. Lee couldn’t have been too thrilled with this, you should first ask your craigslist gals if they’re a Republican or Democrat. One good thing did come of your short lived escapade however. As a N.Y. Jets fan I’d like to thank you for very quickly taking the heat off of Jets QB Mark Sanchez for dating a 17 year old. You made that one short news cycle. You can cross your fingers but I don’t think the Egypt situation is going to make us forget that creepy picture of yours. I think Hosni Mubarak waited so long to resign because your idiotic story made everyone forget about him for a couple days. 

3 responses to “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Congressman

  1. You always make me laugh! Glad to see back.

  2. someone you voted for??? LOL

  3. Hi Berly, glad to be back!

    Hi Princess, actually I think I'm literally like 12 feet (4 metres) out of his district.

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