In 1983 The Police released the Synchronicity album. In 2011 some guy in China caused outrage with a different kind of synchronicity.  Chinese magician Fu Yandong caused outrage among animal rights activists, the Chinese and Sting by somehow having goldfish swim in synchronicity. Apparently he was ordered to stop performing the trick in public because the animal rights people think he somehow put little magnets inside the goldfish to control them. I can’t understand why people are upset about this. I think Fu is on to something. If he can control goldfish with magnets I don’t see why we don’t expand this use of technology. I’ve been feeding my dogs magnets and have mounted a big electronic magnet right next to my back door. I send the dogs out to do their business and when I want them back in I turn on the big magnet. Hopefully a big UPS truck or something doesn’t drive by while they’re outside. I’ve lost more magnetic dogs that way.

I don’t think we need to limit our use of magnetic technology to just animals however. I think this technology would be fantastic for kindergarten teachers. 


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  1. i saw this guy the other day on tv…which is SO bizarre for reasons 2 fold.

    1. I never turn on my tv, but I was eating, and didnt want to put a movie in, so i flipped and saw this guy on a chinese show…i didnt understand what was going on, so it lasted about 45 seconds before I turned.

    And 2. I only get like 8 channels.

  2. I'm sure if you worked hard enough you could find a backer to explore more into our magnetic future.

  3. I received the Police's “Synchronicity” cassette by mail in 1984 when I joined the RCA music club. A couple others I remember getting with it were Lional Richie's “Can't Slow Down” and Pat Benatar's “Live From Earth”.

  4. Princess- How funny. I guess somehow our minds are in “synchronicity.”

    Berly- I think you may have a great investment opportunity here.

    Thomas-LMAO! I belonged to the RCA Music club too and I do fondly remember cassette tapes.

  5. i've been telling my husband for two years that we need to get extra collars for our kids, that connect to our dog's electric fence. not magnetic, but equally controlling.

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