Tattoo You? Tattoo me!

The tattoo represents my sons. Two are musicians and one is a baseball player. It’s my second tattoo and I got it high enough on the arm that I can easily hide it even wearing a short sleeve shirt. So where and what are your tattoos? Maybe I should start a Tattoo Tuesdays where everyone posts a pic of one of their tattoos. Of course I’d be out of material after two weeks. I wonder how much Blogger would pay me to have their logo tattooed on me somewhere visible…

8 responses to “Tattoo You? Tattoo me!

  1. Turtle on my lower back. It was some Celtic symbol but I got tired of that after five years and had it changed.

  2. ajibb guitar tatto

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  3. No tattoos. Too scary. I like to see them though.

  4. I love the personal stories behind tattoos. I think it would be the coolest thing in the world if my dad had a tattoo in my honor.

    You really picked my brain with this post. I've been wanting a tattoo for years now, but the husband doesn't find tattoos appealing. Hm. I might do a post on that… or revisit the idea *evil cackle*

  5. Love the tattoo! Great design.

    I have 2 hidden tattoos…. erm, you can't get more hidden than one on your butt can you? 😀

  6. Berly- What kind of turtle? Sea turtle I hope.

    Ady- Welcome to The Phil Factor, I'll check out your blog.

    Libby- They're not scary at all.

    Chris- I think if you got something cute and small placed in an easily concealed place your hubby might change his mind. He might even find it sexy.

    Joe, well what are your tattoos?

  7. Way cool! Love that…

    I just have two right now. 🙁 Want at least 5 more!

  8. Would you believe I have not a single one? 🙂

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