Yield To This!


The sign above here is symbolic of everything that is wrong with the United States. Yes, that’s right, everything. “State Law: Yield to Pedestrians in Crosswalk.” Is this in anyone elses state? These signs started popping up in New York about two years ago. At first I thought they were just a small town thing. You know, those little towns without a stoplight and just one general store that is as much a social center as a place to shop for essentials. I can see these signs in towns where life moves slower and a motorist is just as apt to stop their vehicle to chat with a pedestrian about Edith’s gout and the weather. 

I would be fine if these little traffic impediments limited themselves to towns where Amish buggies share the road with cars, but that’s not the case. Like an ivy that seems harmless at first, these laws and signs have crept into my city and town and are choking traffic. I can hardly finish a text without a half dozen stops and starts for people who suddenly believe that their soft, fleshy 150 lbs. are suddenly impervious to the might of my 3000 lb. death mobile hurtling towards them at 40 mph.

Don’t get me wrong, in general I’m not in favor of running down pedestrians with my car, but let’s have some common sense. This is a dangerous law. “But Phil,” you say, “how is it dangerous? It seems like it is meant to protect people.” Yes, it is meant to protect people, but from what? From their own stupidity. Why should we train people that it’s OK to step off the curb without looking? Without consequence? 

Now, children will grow up believing that it’s just fine to run into a road. People don’t need to get more comfortable with traffic, but less comfortable. With drivers busy eating, talking on cell phones, texting, and watching their GPS for the next turn pedestrians need to be on their toes constantly regardless of what the streeet sign says. This law goes against Darwin’s evolutionary theory. It used to be that only the strong and smartest survived to procreate. Now with laws like this that protect the stupid people, everyone gets to survive and procreate! Do we really need more people who aren’t smart enough to yield to a speeding car? I imagine years from now we will need to invent hover cars because our Earthbound roads will just be clogged with dolts crossing the street all day just because they can.

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2 responses to “Yield To This!

  1. The whole concept has always annoyed me. Roads are for cars. Period.

  2. The only thing worse than slow ass pedestrians, are bicyclists who take up the entire effing lane. I so badly want to drive by and throw a stick in their spokes. Is that mean?

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