Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?

No, of course not. That’s idiotic! Whoever wrote that song is a big, fat, dope. What if we really did that? What if we chose to forget our old acquantances at midnight every New Years? Then we’d have to spend the first 6 months of every year cultivating new friendships so we have someone to go to New Years parties with, whom we are then required to forget again. The Scotsman who wrote that song must have been drunk at the time, which would explain his difficulty remembering things the next day. He must have scribbled down the stupid lyrics on a bar napkin before he blacked out. He probably didn’t even see the ball drop. Remember when we were kids and it was the ball, then for a while, like 20 years, they went with an apple? Now just over the past few years they’ve gone back to the ball thank god. I did not like that apple one bit. 

I don’t forget old acquaintances, but what I mostly forget is my New Years resolutions. We’ve all made New Years’ resolutions before. It’s even possible some of you may have kept them. Not me. I’m tragically bad at keeping my resolutions. Had I succeeded in even a small fraction of my New Years resoltions over the years I would be the most wildly successful person you know. I may still be the most wildly successful person you know, but at this point that’s more a statement about you than me. 

Here are my New Years resolutions, released out into the wild of the internet, probably landing in a ‘cloud’ somewhere so that you can all hold me accountable for them next December. Of course I’m assuming that you’ll still be reading this blog regularly next December and thinking to yourself, “I wonder if Phil achieved all those resolutions he put here last January?” 

Resolution No. 1: Speaking of next December, isn’t that when the world is supposed to end? I, Phil, hereby solemnly resolve to prevent the world from ending by the sheer power of my will. Feel free to plan accordingly.  You’re welcome. 

Resolution No. 2: Now you may have thought that resolution No. 1, guaranteeing that the planet will continue to exist would be my big finale of New Years resolutions, but if you thought that,  you would be wrong. I like to set my goals high. I like to reach for the stars and dream the impossible dream. I, Phil resolve that in 2012 I will, by sheer power of my will, rehabilitate Lindsay Lohan to the point that she will arrested less than 10 times. 

Resolution No. 3: I, Phil, even though I am not running for public office unless the masses rise up to demand it, will end the so called “Occupy” protests across the world. Now don’t get too excited about this one. You may not even notice it. My plan is to have the protesters slowly, gradually just sort of go home. It could take a few months. 

Resolution No. 4: I, Phil, resolve that in 2012 I will have a Phil Factor Kindle subscriber that is not related to me by blood or marriage. This may be the most challenging of all. I may in fact need some help with this one. Does anyone, anyone at all reading this have any idea how I might accomplish this? I mean, I know how to subscribe by just looking up The Phil Factor in the Kindle store either on my device or online, but how do I get the word out to others that for just 99 cents a month they can never miss an installment of The Phil Factor even if they haven’t quite figured out how to manage the new Facebook changes that cause us to miss our friends posts? Like I said before, Mark Zuckerberg is the devil. 

I don’t what it is, but this year I’m feeling pretty good about my resolutions. Happy New Years to all and I hope your resolutions are already accomplished, especially if you resolved to follow me on Twitter @ThePhilFactor. 


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