Would You Be Your Own BFF?

Imagine if you weren’t you. What if in some bizarre ‘fell down the rabbit hole’ kind of scenario you woke up as another person?  Maybe you’re a school classmate or a co-worker of your former self but you still travel in the same circles.  If you were given the gift of a third person point of view of yourself, what would you think?  Would you look at that other person and want to be friends?

You know that whether you’re a boy or girl, or a man or woman there is always that point when you either realize you want a person you’ve met to be your friend or you realize that you’ve become friends with someone. In the former scenario you usually admire something about the person such as their sense of humor or their friendliness to everyone they meet. You like how they make you feel and you want a little bit more of that action. In the latter it’s usually an acquaintance that you see regularly and through contact and mutual interests you find yourself enjoying their company more than others.

If you weren’t you and but you knew you, would you like you? Would you admire certain things about that other you? Would you laugh at your jokes or find them mean spirited? Would you like how you greet others? Is that other you cheerful and genuinely happy to run into people or does that other you just want to go about their business.  Would you treat people the way you see yourself doing so? Or would you realize that you are very self absorbed in the eyes of others? Would you willingly choose to hang out with you? What would you like about yourself? What would be interesting about you? What wouldn’t you like about you if you knew you?

If you fell down that rabbit hole into that third person point of view world and you came back, would you change?

Yeah, I know I usually just make fun of stuff, but I was feeling a little pensive this week. Maybe even self-conscious. Maybe I fell down a rabbit hole. Who knows? Maybe it’s a story idea in the offing. Anyway, as always, if you like what you read here I’d love it if you’d hit the Facebook like or share buttons. Btw, how do you like the new website? Like all of us, it’s still under construction but it’s getting there. Have a great weekend.

5 responses to “Would You Be Your Own BFF?

  1. I’m here, but I have real problems with WordPress as the posts never show up in Google reader, but I’ll get here when I can.

  2. Thanks Joe. Glad to see you made it.

  3. I would probably not like myself much. I’m not particularly friendly or outgoing, so others have to do all the initial work to get to know me. But, once we’re friends, I’m worth it. It’s just that initial jump. I suck at it. And thanks, for sticking out the blog post. I know it was long. It started out in my mind as short, but then….memories interfered and it just got drawn out. What amazed me was that I remembered so many details of my first meeting with her. Incredible.

  4. Love the new site. Clicked the “follow” link to get your ‘stuff’ emailed through 🙂 Gotta love technology.

  5. Thanks Dzeni! Glad you stopped by.

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