Meet the Indie Author: Will McClinton

Hi everyone, in what I hope will be a regular feature, I’d like to introduce a new indie writer each week. In my journey as an indie author I’ve discovered that the hardest part of writing a book isn’t writing the book; it’s in having readers find your book. I came across my first indie novel a little over a year ago and what I’ve discovered is that there are a lot of really good books out there by people you’ve never heard of. Will McClinton’s Lineage: The Descendants is one of those books.

PT: Will, thanks for taking the time to visit The Phil Factor. Let’s get right to it. Your day job is as a nurse. Do you think of yourself as a nurse who writes or a writer who happens to be a nurse?

WM: I consider myself a nurse but also a person that is transitioning into my final career of being a writer. I put off my joy of writing to be a nurse. Now it is time to seek the next step in my life, writing. This is a part of self-actualization in the hierarchy of needs.


PT: Without giving too much away, could you give us a little synopsis of Lineage?

WM: The main protagonist of Lineage, Marc du Bois is pushed into seeking his family history by subterfuge that started decades before he was born. A coven of powers manipulate Marc and Camel without regard to the lives they harm in doing so. 


PT: Do you have a sequel planned? And if so, how soon can fans look forward to seeing that?

WM:  I am working on the sequel right now. The plan is to complete the first draft by summers end.

PT: Does working in the medical field ever give you any ideas for stories?  Do you draw on some of your experiences as a nurse in your writing?

WM: Certainly working in the medical field has given me many ideas to weave into stories. Just wait and see what is coming. How can I not draw from my experiences as a nurse. As you well know Phil there is nothing stranger than an individual’s perceptions of those around them. 

PT: If you had won the gigantic Powerball lottery would you give up your day job to write full time?

WM: If I won the any one of the large lotteries without doubt I would dedicate my time to writing and give up my day job. Of course after giving sufficient notice, just in case my boss is reading this for one of those quarterly reviews. 

PT: If your ship sets ground on the shore of an uncharted desert isle and you can only have four books with you forever, which four do you pick?

WM:  If I had only 4 books on a desert island they would be, this difficult, Memnoch the Devil and Servant of the Bones, both Anne Rice books. The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien and Loves Music, Loves to Dance, a Mary Higgins Clark suspense thriller.    

 Will, thanks again for visiting The Phil Factor. For readers looking to check out Will’s writing you can find his book, Lineage: The Descendants on Amazon and all the other book retailers. You can find him on Facebook and you can follow him on Twitter @WillMcClinton1.

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