#MondayBlogs Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth

My new feature, in case you missed it last week, is #MondayBlogs, inspired by Rachel Thompson of Bad Redhead Media on Twitter. We all want people to read our blogs, but that’s a little self-centered isn’t it? On Twitter Rachel encourages people to tweet the twitter handles of their favorite bloggers every Monday with the hastgag #MondayBlogs and she and hundreds of others retweet, spreading the blog love far and wide. I’m trying to do the same thing here.

This weeks blog is Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth by Marissa Bergen. The title is perfect as is the address which is www.RockandRollSupermom.wordpress.com, which is fitting because Marissa and her twin sister were the leaders of a popular NYC girl punk band in the 90’s.

What I love every time I go to her page is that at the right on the top instead of the usual “About Me” tab she has a tab titled “Who the hell is Marissa Bergen?” Gives me a little laugh every time.

What can you expect when you visit Marissa’s blog? Snarky, sarcastic poetry. She’s kind of like Shel Silverstein after a bad day in rush hour traffic. It’s not always poetry. Sometimes it’s her musings on anything that comes to her mind, but it’s always funny. If you’re not familiar with her, go check her out. One my recent favorites of hers is Passover for Dummies. Instant classic.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil


2 responses to “#MondayBlogs Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth

  1. OMG Phil! I really didn’t expect this whole blog to be about me! I am flattered beyond belief! Thank you so much!


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